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new to this site!!! Lock Rss

Hello everyone, this is my first baby, which is a boy. I am naming him Sebastien.

sebastien 2 years and isaac 9 months.

Welcome Melissa.
Congratulations on your pregnancy and on your choice of name. i wish i could make a final decision and be happy with it. I too am pregnant for the first time and wanted to say that this site has been wonderful. Not only do they offer useful information, but you can share you thoughts, worries, opinions with other expecting mums. Although watch you don't get addicted. I now log on each day just to read the postings, when i really should be doing other things.

Karen & Blake (8/11/2006)

Hi Melissa
Welcome to huggies I'm sure you'll find some very friendly & helpful mums & mums 2 b on here ( you'll probably make a friend or two as well) lol smile
Hi Melissa,

I love the name you have chosen. If this bub I am having is a boy we have also chosen Sebastian. I looked up if the different spellings had different meanings but they both mean the same thing.

Best wishes,


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