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MY names needs your votes!!!! Lock Rss

Hi girls, ok, i have short listed my boys names, but hubby dislikes them all but in another breathe he hasnt got any names he likes either, so we are going with one of mine! I love winning! only prob is, is i love them all equally! if i could have 5 boys my problems would be solved i guess!!!! please tell me which one you like best! I have a jamie and my stepsons name is kye. So i really want a name that sounds good alltogether! Kye, jamie and???????? here goes!

Noah Gregory Potts
Hunter Gregory Potts
Ashton Gregory Potts
Ethan Gregory Potts
Logan Gregory Potts

thanks so much for helping:) If this baby should be a girl her name will be Emily Matilda potts. Emily matilda was my great grandmas name:)


Kristy mum to jamie and 4 month old imogen

I like Ashton or Ethan, they go gr8 with the middle name and last name and are names that dont get used that often.
Whatever u decide will be awesome, its good hubby doesnt have any names chosen makes it easier on u, coz il tell u my fiance n i have completely different taste when it comes to names and its annoying!!
Good Luck and take care!!
Luv Beckyxoxo


OMG! they all are such great names!
And they go with Jaime and Kye! LOL!
Ethan is a gorgous name!
But Noah is such a soft and strong name! I like it alot!
Emily Matilda is beautiful as well!
It is nice to carry on names in the family I think! Like it is like their memory lives on.
We were going to name Joel if he was a girl Georgina Skye after my grandfather Frank 'George'.
But Joels name turns out be my cousins middle name! and now he thinks his famous for all it's worth! lol!
Goodluck with it all!smile

2 more sleeps


mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14


Logan gets my vote, sounds great with all the other names grin.

Kristi 5 kids.

hi there,
my top pickfor ypur list is definately hunter, i love it, my bro was goin to call theier son hunter if they ended up havin a boy, my other 2 faves are noah and ashton, these are all great names you got, but definately hunter.
best o luck

steph n alexis 20mths and pregnant with 2nd bub

Hi Kristy,

Wow, they are all really nice names! Great taste smile Probably my faves would be Hunter and Ashton, then Noah. Emily is beautiful too.


Chenoa, NSW, Jasper born 22nd September 06

My faves are Noah and Ethan
As a huge Home And Away fan, I would have to go with Noah. LOL!!!
I like Ashton it's cute
Hi Kristy,

Great names you have chosen. I like both Noah and Logan, they go nicely with your surname and middle name. I am having a boy and the only names i have shortlisted so far are Rowan and Lucas.

Good luck, hope your preg goes smoothly

Di xo

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I like Noah, and it will be the name for the baby should we have a boy. It's a very strong name, with good meaning.
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