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how would you spell it? Lock Rss

I'm going to name my little girl Taylor when she is born, hopefully in 13 days time.
I need to know what is the general consensus on the most common spelling?
I've seen
No one ever gets my name right (Cassie) and so I'd like to know what most people think is the usual spelling so we can use that.
I was going to spell it Taylor but then I saw a cute little piggy bank in a gift shop each with different names on them, and that spelt it Tayla.....
Also, my husband wants to use an unusual spelling but I think that is just asking for trouble, being, no one will ever get it right...or do you think people will not get it right anyway, so what does it matter?
Your thoughts are much appreciated:-)
first time mum awaiting the arrival of her gorgeous little girl

hi there,
i think all speelings are nice and people will prob still spell it wrong no matter what you pick, if you have lotsa trouble and since its the same name you could try pickin 1 out of a hat and c how you go, just a thought.
best o luck with it

steph n alexis 20mths and pregnant with 2nd bub

I like the spelling "Taila", but i think the most common is either "Taylor" or "Tayla". My cousins name is spelt "Taylah" so i really dunno!
Its a beautiful name tho!

Jaz smile

Taylor is how i immediately spell it.

My little girl has a friend called Tayla and i hadnt even thought of it being spelt that way until i saw how hers was spelt. Ive never seen it spelt the other ways you have written at all, so they arent common to me.

If i was writing her name on a card i would write Taylor.

Good luck smile

Kristi 5 kids.

I like Tayla or Taylah .... although i believe Taylor is the original way of spelling it.
I think no matter which way you go you'll have to spell it out these days - practice writing them all down and see which one catches your eye the most. Good luck.

almost 1!

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