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whats your babies name??? Lock Rss

Lachlan Anthony (middle name is DH's grandads name)

Finlay David (middle name my dads name)

TTC#3 now and if a girl she will be Piper Rose and if a boy Logan or Brodie (no middle name yet).
Cooper Donald Peter (1st middle name afer DH's Pop and 2nd after my Dad)

Riley John (middle name after my grandpa)
Dylan Peter

Caleb Alan

Kaley Elizabeth

The middle names are all family names - Peter was my grandfather, Alan was DH's grandfather and Elizabeth was my mum.
Cory Aaron James 12 YRS

Leeahnra Grace 10 YR IN HEAVEN

I wasn't given a middle name so I didn't give one to my kids.

My kids are


Mum to 3 gorgeous cheeky kids.

Chelsea Hannah
James Charles smile

James after his great grandfather's smile
Charles after his grandfather
Blake Greg - 25.08.10

Blake was the only name me and DP could agree on and Greg after Dp's cousing who died 11 years ago in a trucking accident

my step daughter is Chloe Alexis - 31.08.06
Montana Renee
Tiffany Hannah
Leteisha Meagan
Chenaya Rhianne
Mercedez Siobhan
McKenzie Skarlett (M&M are twins)
Indigo Laura
Drake Allan theodore
Eshana Anne-Marie
Owen Godfrey
Klarysa Mary-Jane
Riana Jeanine


Baileigh James and Chayse Ashton Liam
Colleen Lynda Alicia
After her great nana, Nana and sister.
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