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whats your babies name??? Lock Rss

Kane Edward ( shares dads, grandfather and greatgrandfathers middle name)
Erin Aimee (shares my middle name)
Mason Michael

Summer Mae

(Mason's middle name is the same as his dad's and Summer's is her late Nana's - I don't have a middle name to pass on)

- Jaz

mason 1/1/04 & summer 5/12/05

Madissyn Sydnee
Sophie Venice

Kristian John R.............
Fletcher James M....

6 weeks old!
Lacey Lee Charlton

Our baby grrl
Cleo Ava R...

[Edited on 21/09/2007]
Zak Diesel M...

Joseph Michael Davis


Our Ds name is Kc Danja Thornbury (Prononced: Kacey Danger)
Luka Vernon Price - Vernon is DH's pop's name

Luka means light
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