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whats your babies name??? Lock Rss

Hannah Jayne 20/09/2006
[Edited on 15/06/2007]

Riley Jamie
Jaclyn Paige

Tahia Lee M
Georgia Lee M
Elijah Keith M

mummy with DD 7; DD 4; DS 24 months

Georgia Holly
William Patrick
Ryan Michael - Michael after his daddy.

LOVES TO DANCE...........

Kimberly Anna Louise (Louise is my sisters middle name)
Maddelen Alexus Grace (Grace is my name)

Lucas Edward V~ in my family every 1st born sons middle name is edward after my pop!
Mackenzie Emmie

Emmie after my dad's mum and after we named her, we found out my great grandmother on my mum's side was named Mackenzie, so we covered all bases!

Jacinta Ellen Kinniburgh(Ellen is my middle name and my nanna's name)who is 17 in Dec
Zayne William Kinniburgh(William is his Dad's, father's name and is also on my side)who is 15 in Nov

Riley Joseph Edgerton (Joseph is my DP's grandfather and DP's brothers middle name)

lol..that all sounds confusing even to me

Liam Cameron. His dads nick name is Bill so he wanted Liam as it is a form of Bill.
[Edited on 06/07/2007]

My daughters name is Dilara..

Mackenzy Gwen(after my nanna)

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