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Spelling of......and middle name for...... Lock Rss

hi smile

hubby and i have FINALLY agreed on a boys name but now ive come to another road block LOL.

the name is Xavier.

can anyone get double letters into this name?

i thought of Xaavier, does this look funny to you at all?

we will pronounce it Zavier, not Exavier.

in addition to this, we need a good middle name to go with Xavier?

i appreciate any help, thanks smile

Kristi 5 kids.

i have replied to this somewhere else if you want to look. i think i came up with a few cool ways to fit the double letters in...
good luck! tongue

3 boy bundles of joy under 6, qld

here's what i wrote in the other post... about.... "zaviah"; "xaviah"; "zhavia"; "xhavia"; "zaveah"; "xaveah"; "zayvah"; "xayvah"; "zayviah"; "xayviah"; "zayveah"; "xayviah"....
just a few suggestions, but i also think that the usual "xavier" is gorgeous, too.
...are you the one with all the names with a double letter in them? that case,..."zavviah"; "xavviah"; "zaviiah"; "xaviiah"; "zaaviah"; "xaaviah"....etc
hope these help.
as for second names....
xavier joel, xavier alexii, xavier alexis, xavier thomas, xavier michael, xavier harrison, xavier jordy, xavier grant, xavier nathaniel, xavier connor...etc
(not sure if you like traditional, trendy or unusual for second names, so i gave a mixture!)
hope these help also! tongue

3 boy bundles of joy under 6, qld


i forgot to add earlier, when i was younger, my brother played soccer with a kid named "zhar" (sound, not spelling) and i always thought it was sooo cool, kinda like "star". it was a lot later that i found out his parents were french and his name was actually "xavier" pronounced "zar-vee-ay". hence the reason her was called "zar" for short!!! i thought was quite a cool name, anyway, just thought i'd share! grin

3 boy bundles of joy under 6, qld

xzavyieer lucas
xzavyieer jaxxson

gail SA 4 girls 17months apart 1 set twins

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