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Coming Up With Names?? Lock Rss

My partner has decided on first names Seth for a boy and Violet for a girl and i am choosing middle names? Any opinions would be a great help.

my boys have middle names that are meaningful to us my eldests middle name is richard after my hubbys father who is richrd, actally its his middle na,e too as his name is alfred but every onbe calls him richard, my middle dons middle nam,e is john after mils lettle brother who was hit & hilled by a car at 2 yrs of age my youngest son s middle name is mika, a finnish name as i was born in finland but there were not any easy to say finnish names in the family tree, but i do have a cousin or 2 mika so theres a connection there now i think about it! how about your middle name my middle name is kaarina which is also my mums middle name and had i had a girl it would have kaarina as a middle name too. a friends names is maree so her daughter is kristen maree and her husbsnd is kevin, their son is david kevin thats keeping it in the family. i think that grace is a nice girls middle name that seems to go with most names or rose but 2 flower names togetrher might be too much

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

thank you so much that was more helpful than you can imagine
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