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cant find a girls name Lock Rss

We cant seem to agree on a girls name HELP!!!
this is what we have picked out so far tell me your opions on them.


Rochelle, mother of 2

We have decided on Zachary John for a boy and at the moment for a girl we like Emily Christina, but my partner keeps umming and arring about Emily. We have the problem that he already has 3 girls - Jaaden Anne, Mikaela Jade and Abbey Lee, plus he has seven nieces Shannon, Ashleigh, Jaimee, Ebony, Jessica, Taylah and Brittany. I love the name Chloe but that is the name of his business partner's daughter and I also love Holly and Madelyn but he hates those. I don't mind Tiarna and Jacqueline but I love the other three.

Hope I have helped some.

Lisa - Tyler (06/05), Emily (05/07)

I really like Holly. You dont here it much these days. ( well I haven't ) Madelyn is quite common but still lovely.. Good luck
i really like madelyn but then im biased as my niece has the same name. good luck with choosing

moni SA twin boys 17mnths

I love the name Alistair, its our boys name if we have a son one day.. and we also love Zoe and Brooke..
I am having the same problem with Girls names...

I like Charolette and the hubbie like Hayley.

We both liked Tahlia...

From your list I like Tiarna and Chloe....

Good luck!

Mandy, VIC, Mum of Hayley Born 02.06.05

from the list i like holly, and madelyn. i like lara, lana, lily, and cassidy , good luck!

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi, instead of Tiarna, what not Kiarnya ( Key - arn - a)? I was going to choose this if i had a girl.
well my daughters name is Holly so i would highly recommend that !!!!!

Adam(07/09/01), Holly(08/07/04) & Matthew(230605)

try them all with different middle names and with last name aswell to make sure they sound okay. There's nothing worse than finding a name you love and it clashes terribly with your last name. Mum was going to call me Lee because that was her fav, but then she met dad and their last name is Leighton. As you can see, she was bitterly dissapointed.
I love Madelyn (have you thought of Madison?) and Tiarna is also quite a lovely name. Have fun choosing!!!8)

Emma, 2 boys 1 on the way and still smiling

I'd have to say all the names you suggested were pretty but I liked Tiarna the most. We had tahlia, Tahnee and Zali picked when I was pregnant with my son. If this bub is a girl she will be Zali.

member since 2004

I think that Holly was the nicest name out of your list. I am pregnant with no 2 and we are also stuck on a girls name. Have a boys name picked out, but both undecided on a girls name. I'm tossing up Halle or Teah.
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