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Opinions & sugggestions please. Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

Hubby & i are thinking of Trinity as a girls name. He loves it and i like it too but sometimes i'm not sure. What do you think?

Also, we can't come up with a boys name. We like names that are not too different (Trinity is probably as different as we would go). We need help, Please suggest away.

hi smile

Trinity is a gorgeous name ( although i would spell it Trinitee), so use it if you both really like it. i wouldnt worry about it being to strange, cos girls are great with strange names.

as for boys names, i had a problem with choosing one too, so your not alone there. how about Lachlan? i love Nathaniel but hubby cant stand it. Oliver? Ethan? i could sit here all day giving you suggestions.

maybe get a baby name book and go through that. smile

good luck smile

Kristi 5 kids.

Hi there, I like Trinity, I think that it's a very pretty name and not too common. I asked hubby, and he said that he likes it too. (He's fussy when it comes to names so it must be good!!) As for boys names, we could only come up with the one name for a boy when we were expecting so it's a hard one! Good luck! smile

Linda - mum to Riley 13.04.04 (#2 Due 29.12.05)

Hi my name is Sue. I'm 35 yrs old. I have 3 kids under 7 years old. Matthew 6 yrs old, Sarah 4 yrs old and Jessica is 2 yrs old. I'm pregnant again. my baby is due in June 2005. I'm having another girl. I would like to name her Ashley, my husband likes it too, but we are going to look at baby books of name first.
One of my friends named her daughter Laura, thats a nice name.
My other friend who lives in Melbourne, has named her daughter Leearna and her brother is shane. You can have shane as a girls name too.

For a boy I like Shane, Shawn, Andrew, and Ashley for a boy and a girl.

My e-mail is I have msn messenger too. I live in South Penrith nsw.


Thanks guys,
I think we have pretty much decided on Trinity for a girl but for a boy we are just going to have to keep thinking. We do have a baby name book but trying to find one that we both like and one that is not too similar to another in the family is hard.
Thanks for your help
An idea I used when looking at names when I was pregnant with my son. I typed 'unusual baby names' into a search engine and it gave me a heap of sites to look at. Its where I got my girls name from, hopefully I'll get to use it this time.
I love the name Trinity. My son's swimming teacher has 3 kids with different but not freaky names Brock, Trey and Liberty. I like them all, we have Zali picked for a girl and Jakob for a boy. Boys names are hard to come up with, don't stress it will come to you.

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if your not sure about a name go out in the backyard and yell out the name as if you were calling your child, do it for a couple of minutes. at the end of that time you will know for sure if you want the name or not still. i eliminated a few that way myself.
I absolutely love the name Trinity, I wanted to call my second Trinity if he was a girl, i considered it for my 3rd even tho i was expecting a boy, but when she was born i was in too much shock to think thoroughly about names, tho already knew i wanted catherine, however from time to time i wonder if i shouldnt have chosenTrinity, and then i look at her and think nope, C atherine definatley suits her lol, but i still love the name, absolutely love it,

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.

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