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im having a boy and i love the name Mackenzie, but my man thinks its a girls name not boys, where i think u can have it for both!
what do u guys think?? Boy or Girl????
Hi, I always knew it as a boy's name and my cousin named her son Mackenzie. Then recently a friend of mine named her little girl Mackenzie. I think traditionally it's a boy's name (I've known a few Macs) but like heaps of other names has recently been used for girls as well.

Does your husband like it if he can get over the girl/boy thing? My husband and I have so much trouble agreeing on names .... he likes nothing!!

All the best for the rest of your pg.

Karen, mum to Gabrielle 1/9/03, #2 edd 24/8/05


If I have a girl, Mackenzie is the name we have chosen so I'm quite fond of the name. I go to for help with names are that states it is a male and female name. It's all about perception really so do what you both feel comfortable with. You and your child have to live with the name so don't take notice of what other people say - do what feels right for your family.

Good luck scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

Hi, my girlfriend just named her baby girl Mackenzie but I have also known of a boy with the same name and it was shortened to Mack. These days I don't think it really matters. Goodluck!

Nicole NT

Hi All,

I know this post is a month old already but just wanted to add that my youngest daugher is named Mackenzee and we love it! My eldest daughter has a boy Mackenzie in her class at school but personally I prefer it on a girl (no offense to anyone!) Its probably just because we are using it for a girl and it's what we are used to. You could always change the spelling slightly for a girl as I have noticed most boys with the name have it as Mackenzie but you could leave the 'c' out and have Makenzie or Makenzy, there are many different ways to spell it so to make it a bit different for a girl.

Good luck!

Mum of 3

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