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Can't agree with hubby re: names Lock Rss

Has anyone else been in the situation, or currently in the situation where they can't seem to agree with their partner on babies names? I'm due in 9 weeks, and we know we're having a boy. We've been considering names since the 20 week scan, and even bought 2 names books, but we always go back to the names that he likes and I like- which aren't the same names!! We can't seem to agree on any of them. I admit that we're both fairly stubborn people, but I know that I don't want to back down on this, because I'll end up regretting naming my son a name that I don't really like. I just wanted to know what the consensus was with everyone else- who won, and how did you end up compromising? My girlfriend said to wait until I've given birth and then throw my favourite name at hubby and he'll be so overjoyed with emotion that he'll just agree to it then!

DS born 24th Nov 06 in WA

I agree with your girlfriend. My hubby and I can't agree either. I really love the name Finn, he doesn't even have a preference but says no to all my choices.

When we had our first son, he wasn't that fussed on the name I kept saying, but once Kai was born, I asked him what did he want to name him and he said, no way, you do it. You just went through all that!! So I think your girlfriend is right! Just make sure he's there when it happens so he sees the enormity of what we have to go through!

Good luck!

Elle, DS: Kai 20/11/04 & DS: Jamie 13/02/07

I know exactly what your talking about, I have a list of names that I love and think are all really great names and then Michelle goes and says a name like Judy and I'm like "WHAT! WE'RE NOT CALLING THIS BABY JUDY! SHE'S NOT 40!" Then when I tell her one of my names she always says no. I don't know what we're going to do about this. But I have a few cards up my sleeve.

Basically I've told Michelle that I'm the one that is pregnant and have to go through the experience and so she should pick the middle name and I get the first name. I think she's ok with that though, but I can tell that when she has a baby then she'll do the same thing. So were going to end up with Lola, Judy, Ryder, Edward. You don't have that problem though, your hubby can't have babies where as my gf can.

So basically I would say do what you gf says about the whole situation and you'll porbably get ur name.


Lesbian mother to 7 month old Lola


We did this when deciding the spelling of our kids names.

I wrote down all the alternatives, i highlighted my favourites and hubby highlighted his, then i made a new list of the ones we both picked and we chose from that.

Hopefully this will work for you on a large list of names. That way then you have no distraction to other names too, only have what is in front of you to pick from.

Surely/hopefully there will be one or two that you agree on.

Good luck

Kristi 5 kids.

OMG.....I have the exact same partner and I are due December 4th and we just can't agree.....mind you we have been through this twice already, you would think that we would have it down pat by now....hehehehe....our eldest son we actually named him 4 hours later, he is named after his dad and my cousin and our daughter we agreed on her name about 31weeks into our pregnancy, mind you there were a few disagreements, our newest member come Dec. we just cant agree on his name, I refuse to name him after his family again because he got the first 2 and I just wanted to either have my choice of name or my family member...which I think is fair.....I don't think I've helped you just thought I'd let you know that you are not alone. I do agree with the naming after birth, our son I throw in my name and so we call him by both yes it does good luck winklewhitty and hope that you get your name and hope your labour is a wonderful experience.
Kindest Regards

lil'' angels

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