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help!!!Need some boys names Lock Rss

Hi everyone....have a drama, about to pull my hair out trying to agree on boys names, we are due Dec. 4 and just cant agree on names....I want Alec or Alex after relatives but he doesnt agree mind you our first two kids are named after his side....Anyway he wants Angus.....I can't stand Angus because I went to school with an Angus and he was a very nasty our whole naming experience has been, no don't like that name, I use to know a blah, blah, know how it goes and it just goes on and I'm just getting restless thinking about it....I would appreciate any suggestions, I do like strong names and old names too......nothing to odd, our son's name is Robert Julius, Robert after his dad and Julius after my cousin and our daughter's name is Nicola the female version of Nicolas which is of course after my partners Grandpa....Anyway before I get into the whole family history....I best just stick to the I'm just looking for some ideas and would appreciate all your suggestions and I will get back to you all on bubba's name after the birth....thanks everyone, hope you are all well and healthy and can't wait for suggestions.....xoxoxoxoxox

lil'' angels

We had the same problem as I'm sure most people do. Alex or Alexander was on my list but hubby liked Jack and I didn't. Both our families are full of John's and some get called Jack. I like short strong names for boys. I'm not a fan of Angus either but have a cousin who called their some Gus and it's started to grow on me.

Sam - we're going for Samuel as a middle name after my FIL
Max - DH boss so we can't have that
Jake/Jacob - not a fav of mine
Luke/Lucas - this is what we've chosen (Lucas Samuel)
Harry - has become popular

good luck in your decision
We are finding boys names really hard as well. We are due mid dec.
There is only one that I like its Archer, there are a lot of Archies around but I find Archer to be a stonger name. I think we will go for Archer Jackson.
Good luck with whatever name you choose.

Sally, VIC, Mum to Emily 20/12/06 and Jessica 27/1

my nephews are Reuben Gus, Oskar Allan and Elliot Christopher.
I particularly like Reuben.

Qld, 14,12,10, 5 yr old girls, and baby boy!

Hi. Just a quick comment on the names you have mentioned. I prefer Alex over Alec and I agree with you and don't like Angus at all.
A couple of names I do like which are strong names and not too weird are Aiden, Blake, Caleb and Matthew.

Karen & Blake (8/11/2006)

Hi, looks like there are a few of us in the same situation. I need a boys name before the 9th of Dec 2006 and Hubby HATES everything. I feel really lost and I'd like some options BEFORE bub arrives. I don't want him named definately before them but having a few options would be nice rather than "Yeah that's ok" or "Maybe". Nothing worse than the father not liking the name. He's said I can name him but can you imagine if he doesn't like it? I would rather his say "Yeah I like this". ARGH!!
Our problem is I like more unusual but not weird names, just less common ones and we don't want anything starting with C which are the main names I love. Problem is we already have 3 with C and 1 with B. So I'm another that would LOVE SOME HELP!!!! smile

Melbourne, 13 yr DD, 5.5 yr DS, 1.5 yr DS

Hi lil' angels
I know how you are feeling, i had my heart set on having a girl and had all these girls names picked out, then i found out i was having a boy and the drama unfolded! we have finally settled on the name Jaiden Scott, he is due on the 9th of December, the only other name we decided we both liked was Izaac but it seems to be becoming quite popular. As for your choices, i like Alex and Alec is ok, i have to agree with you when you say you dont like Angus, its a bit old fashioned. Goodluck with chosing a name, just remember its the poor child who has to live with it, so dont just settle on something for the sake of it!!!!!

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