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boys name Dane? Daine? Lock Rss

hi, just wondering what people think of the name Dane? or Daine?. i don't love the name but it seems to be the only name that my partner and i can agree on. i keep thinking it reminds me of the dog 'great dane'. i think it should be spelt 'daine' but my partner doesn't agree. what do people think of the name and the spelling?

Emma SA - Briar 15/03/07


I don't mind the name and we're actually thinking of using it as a middle name.

Personally, I would spell it Dane.

Hi, I'm not really big on the name personally, but prefer it spelt Dane. Or you could spell it Dayne.
Dane doesn't look as girly as Daine

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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