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Girls name - Samaire Lock Rss

Does anyone know the correct pronunciation of Samaire??

I've been told so many different ones. The main one being Sam-air.
hEY THERE! There was another topic about this floating around somewhere.....
this is what i found last year-
"Samaire Armstrong is on the cover of the new Elle Girl. She clarifies that
the pronunciation of the name is sa-MEE-da"
I'm gonna keep looking, so I will be back....

SaM, EviE NoV 03 AnD TuLLy AuG 05

thanks, I don't like that pronunciation!!
i know a girl thats name is samaire and hers is pronounced (sam-ear)

TRINA, ZANE (both 22) imogen 12.11.04, Eden 23.11.

Ok, from what I can find, it seems that you can pronounce it however you like!!
I asked some friend's opinions one said she thought it was another way of spelling 'Samara'..
Another said "Samay-ree, I guess you can kind of make anything up from how it is spelt! sorry i couldn't really help.....
Sam.. smile

SaM, EviE NoV 03 AnD TuLLy AuG 05

thanks everyone
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