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I have a problem...

I am due with bubby number 2 in April and as yet dont know the sex of the bub. The problem is that if it is a girl I would love to called her Ella. Now my bil has a daughter from a previous marriage named Elle. Does anyone think that these too names are too simular??

We dont see alot of them, but I am just so undecided?? Any suggestions??

Personally I DO think they are too close, but Ella is a nice name smile

Cassie, mum to Hayley and Skye


I dont think its too close. Elle and Ella both sounds quite different when spoken. Plus if you dont see much of them then i dont see a problem.

If you love the name Ella then use it.

My DD name is Briella and my cousin just had a DD and called her Bella and i dont see anything wrong with that. We hardly see each other. Thats more close than Elle and Ella IMO cos we frequently called Briella, Bella as her nickname but having my cousins DD called Bella still doesnt bother me.

Actually there is something to think about. If you want to use Ella and decide its too close to Elle, what about Briella? You still get to use Ella but its a bit different and still a gorgeous name.

Kristi 5 kids.

if you dont see them much dont worry about it and they would be different ages too. i have friends who have 3 boys the 2 older one have very similar names which is confusing ( Ethan & Heath) but for cousins who are not close dont worry i acutally cousins who live os who have the same name!if you are worried how about a name that ends in ella like daniella, isabella, rosabella

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

You shouldn't stop anything from naming your child what you want to!!!

they are simialr but hey who cares shes your 'maybe' little girl and you should stick to what you like? Does your hubby have a problem with them anem or the connection?

You could even hypenate it to make it a little different. I knw 2 lil girls Ella-Louise and Ella-May.

eìí? * i'm having a baby due August 11th * eìí?hs

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