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Hi guys,
I think I have a girls name picked if we have one but last night I stumbled across Kalea, which I thought was really pretty, I then realised that I had read it wrongly and thought it was Kaleah, which I liked more.
What do you think of Kaleah? Has anyone heard of it?
Can anyone think of any ways the name could be teased or anything the name reminds you of? Being a teacher, I always think of those sorts of things!
I think I may have made it up as I can't find it on any baby names search on the net.
Without me writing how I would pronounce it, I was curious to see how you guys would say it.
Mum thought if I spelt it "Kaliah" that maybe that works better but I thought that sounded like Ka-liar!
Anyho's just food for thought, I still have lots of time to think over names.
Thanks in advance

Laura DS July 03, DD Oct 05, DD Nov 08

hi how are you.
there is a web address that may help you both on how to say the name i dont now if it will be on there but.
hope this is a big help.

liz,qld,due 3 may 05

Hi Laura,
I love the name. I had it on my list (bub due 09/05) but hubby didn't like it because of the idol Anthony Calea (not sure how he spells it). years ago i heard Tahlia (Taleah) which i also love but unfortunatly they dont go with my last name. Im also a teacher and understand how hard it is for others to pronounce names unheard before. Kaleah is straight forward but i love how Kaliah looks. Let me know how you go! When are you due? Do you work on the central coast? I thought i read you were from Gosford?

Chat to you soon,
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