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Help need a middle name for Clayton Lock Rss

Hi guys im in such a mess with names this time i have a HUGE family and all my cousins have all the good names lol we see each other all the time so we can't really use the same names...We have picked Clayton for his 1st name but all of my other kids either have mine or my husbands 1st or middle name as thier middle name.My last daughter has Cortney May its after both mine and my husbands nan thier middle name was may so because we had used our names with the other 4 we gave her a name after family...This time however my husband will NOT let me use John and a middle name its my dads and his dads and his twin brothers middle name but he is sooooo against the name its not funny....Now i have no idea what to give this poor baby as a middle name that means something like all the others do i am due tomorrow and poor little man still has no middle name....Any ideas would be great sry for long post thanks heaps....Lisa

ds11 ds10 dd9 dd6 dd19mths ds jan26th

I had Clayton on my list of names and was going to use either Adam or Luke as the middle name.
I also liked Seth,Jay and Jye.
Good Luck!

My son's name is Clayton Jae! I think that would go along pretty well with your daughter's name
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