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OPINIONS NEEDED- Is this Fair??? Lock Rss

Hello, We're deciding on baby's names and if its a boy we kinda like the name Marco. A very close friend of ours had a boy 2 years ago, he really liked the named Marco, she didnt, when the boy was born they named him something else, she offered to him to have the middle name Marco, but he said he didnt want to "waste" it on a middle name in case they have another boy.
Is it fair for us to name our son Marco if we really like it? Do you think I should ask them if they mind? what if they say they do mind, im not sure what to do
This is a tough one. I guess if they are really close friends the poliet thing to do would be ask them. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you be upset if you werent asked.
Then on the other hand what if they never end up having another boy.

I would still ask if it was ok, if they say yes then problems solved, if they say no then problems just beginning.

Good luck

Nth Qld 2 year old Shannon

Hi I just answered your post in the general section. wink
Definately speak to them both. Get it out in the open and be completely honest. If they were 'real' friends, they'd say 'go for it'. You say 'kinda like the name', before you say anything to them make sure it's the name you have your heart set on.
Good luck!

1st Timer

hi - just my two cents worth - i would ask. Only because i had a similar thing happen to me. I had always planned on naming my little girl Kaitlyn, and when a relative was pregnant with a girl she asked me what i liked - i was hesitant to say but she said she had already picked out Jade or Paige. So i told her - and when the baby was born she announced her name was Kaitlyn. I was gutted and it still grates on me - especially now that i am expecting my first girl

Liams Mum,NZ,14mth boy

I have been in your situation and did like a name and was going to use it but when a sister in law had a child before me she used it and it mad me so mad. so i'd guess choose something else.

Wow how exciting you are having a baby tomorrow, please let us know what sex you end up having!!!


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