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girls name - due in 10 days!! Lock Rss


I only have 10 days to go and haven't decided on a girls name. I am thinking of Ashlee or Briar but can't find middle names for them. So far i have

Briar Rose
Briar Ashlee
Briar Mckenzie
Ashlee Rose

What do you guys think? Any other suggestions?

Emma SA - Briar 15/03/07

I relly like Briar Rose or what about Ashlee Briar?

I really like Ashlee Rose, thats sweet. Its hrader than you imagine...we had a bad time trying to come to something we both agreed on. We ended up with Cameron Thuraiyah Connolly, middle name being my mums.

Cameron n Jacksons mummy

Silly question,

how do you pronouce BRIAR?

Brie- (as in the cheese) -ar


Bry- (as in 'bride') -ar

I havent heard this name before - its LOOKS lovely!
Ashlee Rose is beautiful. My daugter we named Jasmyn and is is so nice to have a pretty name for a little girl. Good luck with your labour etc.

Briar Rose reminds me of Sleeping Beauty (I like it).
What about McKenzie Rose?


i like Ashlee Rose very pretty and girly.

good luck with the birth of your daughter.

lisa - bris #Siarra 21/2/06 #2 Abbey 30/9/07

i think makenzie rose sounds really cute

How about Montana-Rose as a first name. I think it is really pretty and would of called my Abigail that but wanted to keep with A names.
Briar Rose

for two reasons.

1. It's so beautiful and unusual - but not in a bad way. She will quite likely be the only one with that name that she will come in contact with.

2. Sleeping Beauty. I am a HUGE Disney fan and Sleeping Beauty is one of my faves. Imagine your daughter watching Sleeping Beauty and having the main character - a PRINCESS - share her name! She'll love it! At least I would. Unfortunately there is no Princess Casey in any fairytale I've ever come across smile
Edited: Because I'm a dick and so are 8 other's in here, LMAO!!!

Congratulations Emma on the birth of your daughter "Briar" nearly 3 months ago! grin

[Edited on 09/06/2007]

If your after different/unique I'd go for Briar. Ashlee is a bit softer but common so it depends on what your after.
Personally, if it was me I would be looking at one of the other middle names as Rose is the most popular middle name at the momemt. I'm not one for common names.

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