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more names please Lock Rss

Hi everyone, sorry to harp on the name topic but i'd really love some help. I dont know if Im having a boy or a girl, in a couple of weeks, we have boys names sorted.... But I cant think of a girls name. I really like Abbey, but would like it to be longer, eg. Abigail, but i dont like that. Can anyone help me fit it into another name??? Have been racking my brain for ages and now its getting pretty close!!! Thanks all, and have a great chrissy : )


How about Gabrielle shortened to Gabby or Abbey???

Sorry thats all I can come up with!

Janelle Vic

Hi reus,

Some ideas for you...

Arabella, Gabriella, Tabitha...

I think Abbey is a pretty name by itself.

You could also try joining names together. For example Abbey-anna or Abbey-leigh.

Just a few ideas.

Goodluck with your name choosing smile

Someone I know chose Abby -Kate. Maybe Abby-Jane??
I was going to suggest what the last person did. How about a double barrel name?


Hope this helps!

AKA- 2_little_monkeys or 2 little angels

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