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the name game Lock Rss

My husband and I have found out our second child due 1/4/04 is to be a girl, and we cant find a name that we like that also goes with our 1y/o daughter, Rivalee Rose, the only thing we can decied on is the middle name is too be Paige. Any suggestions would be great.
hey dingbat
we just had a girl 11.11.03 and we named her caitlin akela....
so what about akela?

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

Hi Jodi,
I love the name Emmerson for a girl. I think that Rivalee is a beautiful name & sounds quite feminine so I can't imagine many names that wouldn't go with it. Some other suggestions are, Georgia, Georgie, Maddison, Larnie, Grace. I love the name Ashleigh but I'm not sure how that would go with Rivalee, it depends if rhymming names suit you or not. How lovely it will be to have two daughters! No doubt being close in age they will be wonderful friends, Congratulations,
hi well my daughters name is caprice (ca-Preece) which is quite a different name that you dont here much at all and if i ever have another girl i am thinking of the name dakota just a couple suggestions good luck.
G'day! My daughters name is Brianna Michaela! I also like Maddison, Chloe & Penelope to name a few! Hope you find a name you like!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hey dingbat,
I am also having a baby girl and my hubby and i have finally agreed on Jayla. Other names i liked were Talia, Jasmine, Imogen, Trinity and hubby Jorge liked - Jorgia. I have a girlfriend due in june and she has chosen Eden for a girl.. Good luck ! Let us know how u go.

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls


Love the name Rivalee Rose.

Why not have 2 names starting with "P", just like your other daughter has 2 names starting with "R".

Examples are: Penelope Paige, Pollianna Paige, Primrose Paige, Poppy Paige, Polly Paige...

My daughter is Madeleine Michelle - 2 "M"s
Someone tried to start the nickname M'n'M's But I nipped that in the butt pretty quick.

Thanks for all the ideas we have chosen Madison Paige
just wanted to quickly pass a message to you to wish you all the best..... Imk also pregnant and due on 17th April....Another boy for me.... Im 30 weeks but measuring at 32 weeks... so who knows when Caleb will pop into this

Take care and all the very best!
Tracey smile

Tracey, MELB, 7yr old son and EDD 17/4/2004

All the best to you as well not long to go now smile

Good Luck, please keep me posted on the arrival of Celeb
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