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Help, cant agree on a boys name! Lock Rss

Im 29 weeks pregnant with #2 and hubby and i cant agree on a boys name. We found it so easy with our DD, we only had one name picked out the whole way thru and we both loved it. But we just cant seem to agree on any with this one. Any advice or suggestions for boys names would be so helpful! smile

Mum 2 Madison 2 & Lucas 7 months

Hi there
I only ever had one boys name picked and it was Cullen James
I like Caleb and Cohen

Get a couple of baby name books, then each take your time to SEPARATELY go through and write down names you each like on your own lists. Once you've both done your lists, compare them to see if there are any matches. At least that might be a starting point...

We're having the same problem - except I'm due today and we still haven't agreed! Our short list consists of:

Joshua Paul
Jarrod Thomas
Lucas Raymond

I'm more of a traditionalist when it comes to names. Boys names seem to be much harder for some reason. I have fallen in love with the name Lauren for a girl in the last couple of days. I think it's pretty.

Good luck!


okay so the list i have is:

Good luck

Help, cant agree on a boys name, because i want to adjust some other name. Some of these name maybe mentioned but not to everything make things perfect without do my assignment. I have some demands to share these demands here in the given page to make work perfect.
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