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boys names, what do u think? Lock Rss

We r having our third boy and REALLy struggling to come up iwth a name. we already sued 4 of our favs on the other 2 lol

heres what we like so far
my favs r lucas and samuel but hubby hates em and he likes corey but i ate it
so the mutual list is
zachery ( but he needs some more convincing)
damon ( again a lil more convincing)

what do u think?

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

I know how you feel I hate what my husband like and he hates what I like although I love your choice of Ethan and my nephews name is Damon so I really like that too. He was named after Damon Hill the race car driver.

I have a Joshua and just want your thought on either Jayden or Jordan, hubby thinks jayden my be good as a kid but not as an adult.

I am hoping to convince hubby for Makayla for a girl
[Edited on 21/05/2007]
I like Ethan or Zachery - I love the nickname Zac/Zack. Good Luck!

i like Ethan! good luck chosing a name... you could try picking the first name and your hubby the middle name or other way round... thats what me and hubby have done.
i think the name trey is awesome, my sons name is trey and i love the fact that you cant shorten it and it is sweet for him now while he is little and when he is older it wil be a nice adults name, we named trey, trey scott and think it is a real strong name
thanks guys!
I am worried a lil more about trey as not to sound rcaist but alot of ppl have commented that trey suits a dark sskinned boy. I dont know though. Plus mum says he will get teased at school and ppl will put things n his head and stuff and use him as a tray. lOl she works in schools so she knows all the nick name slol. She alos told me not to name my second son dylan caus eonly the bad kids r called dylan. i name dhim dylan anyway lol
I like ethan but i like to shorten the name so i dont know.
Mum suggested elijah which i like but i dnt like eli as a nick name.
hubby wont weaken on zack or lucas so they r out.
I love jayden and jordan and if ur worried about jayden as an older man he will most likely be a jay by then wont he? I know lots of jayden as a kid and two as adults and boht r called jay now.
I also like jordan, but i dont like it dhortended to jordy. as a kid its cute but.
I love joshua but my couoins is joshua so thats out.
Thanks for ur tips girls. I also like hayden and caden.

thanks for the idea about one of us choosing ecah name. we did that with the first two as well, but the first nam eis the one they r most kown by so we boht wnat to have that one a sours to pick lol
aughh! we r goin insane1 I am dreaming about names1 I deamt he was a ryan last night. what do u think?

We had a girl but had 'JAMES DAVID' pick for a boy

Megan: Cathrine 21/10/06 Alex 25/03/08

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