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"stolen" name Rss

Hello. One of my good friends had a baby on Monday. The gender was a surprise to everyone and of course, names were kept secret. We also have never told anyone the names we have chosen because of the conflicts it can cause. Anyway, she named her baby boy the same name we want to name our baby (if our next one is a boy). I feel funny still naming our son that, but we aren't related to those people and don't live in the same town. Do you think there is any problem with still using that name? We only had 2 boys names that we really liked and this was our favorite. Our first child was going to be called that but she turned out to be a girl (which is what I was hoping for!). Feeling somewhat disappointed. . .

Mom of two beautiful little girls

Hello , I dont think its a problem as long as you feel comfortable with it. We have two groups of friends that both called their lil boys the same name,born about 6 months apart.I think its differnt if their related - cousins etc...
that might be another story.

Makaylas mum

If thats what you really want and its not going to worry you use the name. I had an aunty and cousin due within two months of each other and they had previously talked about liking the same names and they both used JACK
Hi I think you should use the name YOU want, whether 100 other people have that name or not. I had a named picked out for my first daughter since I was 15. Sarah Louise. Sarah is my favourite name and Louise is my grandmother's name (she has passed away). Anyway my first was a boy and I thought I would keep the name for my second, except I had told everyone I know about the name (silly me) and when my cousin had her second daughter that is what she was named, yes first and second name. My cousin thought it was a lovely name but didn't realise she had heard it from me. I still to this day get annoyed when I think about it, so if you reeeeeeally like the name call your child that name. Bugger anyone else! If my third is a girl I will be calling her Sarah but it will be Sarah Rose. Rose is the name of my other grandmother, she too has passed. Go with the one you like.

Samantha - Damon 9, Tarsha 7 and 8 week bump.

Def use the name if you both love it! Just make sure you tell her that that is the name you both have had chosen since your were first preggers so you continuing with that name. If she gets annoyed, so be it. I know there are many names out there but its very rare you agree and like a name therefore in my opinion your entitled to name your child whatever you want. Remember you'll probably meet other friends in your life who will have the same name as your child and that wouldn't faise you so it shouldn't now.

Thanks. It is good to get reassurance that it is okay to still use the name we both really like. smile People can be quite sensitive and funny about this. My "grandma" (kind of adopted into the family) was showing pics of my little girl, her "grandchild", to some friends of hers who were adopting a baby girl. They were really struggling with a name but when they heard my daughter's name they loved it and have named their child that. I thought it was sweet--it is nice to know when someone really does like the name you have chosen for your child.

Mom of two beautiful little girls

Hi My best friend and I both named our second babys the same.
But, Hubby picked the name "alyssa" and i lvoed it, and when she was born, my best friend said she had been planning to call her baby that too! And so she did.
Maybe it was a little wierd at first but of course the Alyssa's are totally different and as someone said, it's not like you're never going to meet anyone with the same name as you.

3 girls under 3

I personally don't understand why anyone would get upset if you named your baby something that they liked. I'm sure that your child will not be the only one that they will come across with that name.

Family I understand could get confusing with the same name. I'm greek and it's a big tradition to name the children after the grandparents. Hence I have only Uncle Jims and so many cousins called Maria.

Each to their own, however I say just do it. If it's something that you love and had your heart set on, don't let pettiness get in the way.
[Edited on 07/06/2007]
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