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Boy's Names Please Help!!! Lock Rss

I desparetly need help! We have our first baby due the end of August and while we have plenty of girl's names we can't agree on anything for a boy! My partner is very difficult to please as he thinks everything other than john or james type names will mean that the kid gets picked on! I hate traditional boy's names and would really like something different. I only have 7 weeks to find the perfect name that we both agree on! Any suggestions would be fantastic!

Rebekah, baby Lachlan born 24/8/05

Hi Rebekah

I agree boys names are so hard!! Most of them are either traditional & (in my opinion) boring or really out there and wacky...

Not sure if I can be much help or not, it's such a personal thing! Here's my list of possible boys names anyway:


Good luck with it & let us know what you decide!

Mel smile

Hi rebekah
Me and my hubby had heaps of trouble deciding on our boys names too. so when we finally agreed on one we stuck to it. Our first son is Zackary Ben and our second is Toby John. If this one os a boy he will be Jake Douglas.
We liked slighly different but strong names. Toby has the potential to be a bit sissy but put a strong name like John after it and it changes it-well i think so anyway! Plus he is one of the most head strong toddlers i have ever seen!
good luck

Kathryn - Zack-4, Toby-2 & Molly 1

Hi I am a fan of Nathan, Riley and Harry and Blaine.
im lucky in this situation as i am going 2 b entering the single mothers world early oct. so i have been able 2 pick which ever name i fancy. im having a girl but had boys names prepared.
Like you im not a huge fan of the traditional names either. My favourite choice of name was 'Ely Venjamin'
But some others i liked were:

Hope these help.

megan, vic, anabel (14.10.05)

Hi my little Boy is named Baylin. It means mighty warrior. My girl is Brandi.

Mum to Brandi 2 and Baylin 14weeks.
I have the opposite problem. I'm due (no 2) in november. If it is a girl then she may remain nameless for the max period of time. For our first we didn't have any ideas on girls names and we are still stuggling.
I named my son Aidan (Aiden. Ayden) but there are a few nice boys names in my playgroup (Carter, Finn, Hudson).
If no 2 is a boy then we are thinking about Oliver James. Hope this gives you some help and good luck!

Mum to Aidan 20 Jan 04 and Georgia 10 Nov 05

my first sons name is jordan taaki my second due in 2 weeks will be tahurangi graham tahu for short just go with what your heart tells you its a hard decision
Thanks everyone! Your ideas have been great, lots that I liked, but still not having much luck with the other half!
We have decided on james as a middle name (same as Dad's) but thats as far as we've gotten.
It's getting pretty close, we only have two weeks to go, so hopefully the right name will jump out at us and we will both love it, probably in the delivery room!!
Has anyone heard of Dantaye as a boy's name? Im not sure if it's quite right.

Rebekah, baby Lachlan born 24/8/05

hay rebekah
i loved the name brock so much thats my sons name


Rebbecca mother of 1 and due on 17 jan

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