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2 days over and still no name Lock Rss

please help.
I was due on Sunday with our 3rd daughter and we still havent decided on a name.
first names i like are
Indiana, Indiah or Indee
and this morning i started to like Tenieka.

if I give the baby and unusual/boy or girl first name i like to give it a common middle name that defines the sex.

the only name DH has suggested is Eden but now says he doesnt like it.

so far I have Dakota & Summer so i need a name that blends in well with them.

please give me feedback on our names or suggestions.

thanks in advance kellie

Freaked2002, 3 girls 07/03 09/05 & 06/07

Indee is cute for a girl. Not too keen on the other names tho, but thats just me...oh, but i don't mind Phoenix.
My sister said she really likes Malaysia at the moment and I happen to agree with her - it uncommon and great name.

[Edited on 26/06/2007]

Hi Kellie,

I like Indee for a little girl, its different but not weird and I think a lil Indee would go great with big sisters Dakota & Summer.If not Indee, my next vote is for Kiah.

Good Luck with your impending birth. May your little princess give you "smooth sailing" and be healthy and gorgeous!

Dani smile

Mummy to Orion - The star in our universe!!

I like Kiah. I am the same as you - going for uncommon first names followed by a simple but common middle name.
I think it gives the child the option to use the middle name later in life if they decide they don't like their first name.

what about Bridee (yes it sounds like bride but with an eeeee on the end) haha started to write that then thought how can i write a sounds? sorry if it dont make sense
Hi there

I have a Dakota and think the name Kiana goes well with it as I have a Kiana as well

otherwise I was going to have Indiah as my next one who is due in September but have decided on something else but i like all the names that you have picked

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