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My husband and I like the name Tahlia if bub no 2 in 8 weeks is a girl, however, a friend of ours said he will call it Jenny - for genitalia! Not nice at all. I have never heard Tahlia used like that before and I'm now a bit worried that she might get called names like that when she gets older. I'm sure he would only say it in a sarcastic way but still!

What do you think?
We had a boy a week ago and if it was a girl then that was our choice also. I think it is a unique name and could pick no fault with it myself.

Like I said to my friend who was due a few days after me, go with what you like no matter what others think or better yet keep the name to yourselves until the birth and then no one can pre-judge you on it coz its already been chosen. That is what she ended up doing, hiding the name until she was born, she told me its taken the stress out of pleasing everyone else.

If your friend decided to call her that then its totally disrespectful to your partner and yourself, just try explaining to him that what he is saying is inappropriate and kindly keep it to himself so no-one else hears it.

OMG! What kind of mine does he have??? I had an acquaintance Tahlia but she didn't have a nick name, we just called her exactly what. I've never heard or thought that Tahlia would be referred to like that.

I haven't heard that one either! Mind you I wouldn't pronounce genitalia as tah-lia - I'd pronounce it geni-tay-lia. so maybe that's why!

The nicknames that came to my mind were Tahli, Taz, Lia etc. Obviously I don't have a boy brain!

Did you ask if he was picked on as a schoolkid and that's why he's become such a mean person?!!
I think your friend has heard it through Kevin Bloody Wilson's shows - his daughter does a comedy act under the name Jenny Tahlia...that is the only time I've ever heard it and think it's horrible! Tahlia is a very pretty name...

Gorgeous Riley's mum

you could nickname her tally or lia rather than pronouncing it tay-leah why not t-lia or tar-leah its harder to use the horrible nickname if its not pronounced tay-leah if that makes sence lol

My cousin s name is Tahlia and she is beautiful wonderfull oersonality and i have never heard her name been shortened or given another nick name
I know some tahlia's and thats all their ever called. It's a great name. I can't believe he would say that to you!
I have heard of other adults saying that kids will get teased when called Tahlia for the same reason, but I can't ever see another child calling someone that. I think it's horrible that some people put such a bad slant on a name, even if it's a joke. I think it's a good choice, and tell your friend to shut up.

i love the name tahlia.. and would nickname her tay.. for short.

I havent never heard tahlia associated with any crude. I think these days though no matter what yu can your child.. horrible crule ppl out there will think of something to tease them about.

I wouldnt listen to him and name you bub tahlia.. its too gorgeous not to use.
OMG I would immediatley get on the defensive and tell him if he's going to carry on like that then he's not welcome around me or my child. I love the name Tahlia, my step daughter named her little girl Tahlia . If I was going to give her a nickname then I would go with Lia, Tahlee ( like Carly but with a T). Good Luck and don't listen to the so called friend with his mind in the gutter! (by the way I had never heard of the nickname)
[Edited on 11/09/2007]

Whatever your name is , someone , somewhere is going to think of a funny/rude slang to it.
My daughter is Tabitha and when she is horrible we call her Scabitha and Crabitha!! We do it with love as our backup, but i think that if someone calls her that when she is 13 and vunerable, at least it won't take her by surprise!
I got called Jennifart instead of Jennifer, and what was said about my surname is so rude i coulnd't even write it here, it would get censored. But it made me laugh, even then!

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