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James or Jamie Lock Rss

Hi all

My hubby likes James for a boys name but I like Jamie. Do you think it would be weird to name a boy James but refer to him as Jamie?



no i think it would be completely normal, I however only like the name jamie, actually i love it, but not keen on the name james, so i would just name him Jamie and be done with it, but it is a little more difficult when we are in apartnership and have to compromise hey? So i think its a win win really...
I prefer James but think its perfectly fine to refer to him as Jamie

I think you should use James then you can both win as you can always use Jamie as his nick name. I don't think it would be weird at all. Good luck!

mum to Tyler born 01/04/06 & Akaisha due 13/01/08

Well my sons fathers name is james and he prefers to be called jamie on the other hand my friend knows a jamie who prefers to be called james. You cant win on that subject either way pick what ever you like the most and good luck with bubs.

I went to school with a boy who's name was Jamie.
There was also two James, one of which his mum called him Jamie for short, And there was a girl called Jamie.

I like James

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Hi I have a boy called James, he gets Jamesy or Jim bob as a nick name - never Jamie.

But i like both James and Jamie , good luck:)

Amanda Qld

I think Jamie is cute when they are young, but james sounds a bit better when they are older

although there is jamie oliver and jamie durie!! so really that theory dosent work now does it!!

both are really nice though!

My DS name is Jacob but we call him Jake.

I like the idea of giving them a name you can shorten. In a sense they have their formal name and their everyday name. IYKWIM


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