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We've chosen the name.... Lock Rss

My Fiance and I have chosen "Onyx". i love the purity of the stone and even though its black its not tainted...Do you like the name??? please let me know


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I take it your having a Girl? Or is this name being used unisex? Its different....not sure what my feels are on it so lets just say im a fence sitter!

unisex...i don't want to know till its born, but planning a name is fun so we've decided on onyx
Hi, to be honest I don't like it one bit. The poor child has to live with the name for a very long time. Sorry to be so blunt.

2 girls - 5 years, 2 years

Doesn't really ring my bell at all. But I bet it feels good having made a decision on it hey!

Do you have a middle name or is Onyx all you're having?
I think its unique and if you love it go with it, it is a good unisex name, we have phoenix picked out as a unisex name (its meant to be a girl but well see on the day!!) but we have many others as back ups, none are boys but we'd like to be prepared, anyway you'll know as soon as you see your precious baby whether thats what you want, goodluck.
Thats an awful name, sorry. The poor child will get teased with a name like that.
I agree with deedee82 horrible name poor child it's the one who has to live with it the rest of it's life.
I'm sorry but are you joking???? Why would you do that??? I get that some people want "unusual" names, but Onyx? Phoenix? Is this your child or a daytime soap? I know a child called Cosmic and trust me, he had issues fitting in just because of his name.

I suggest changing your name ideas now before it's written on a birth certificate.

Sorry to be blunt but you asked for honesty.
i love orginal names, so i like it smile


Are you in to voodoo????????


congrats i think it sounds nice. i like original names i think as long as you and your partner are happy then thats great hope you stick with it. at lease the baby will have a lasting impression on people as they will remember the name.Even my husband thinks it is a cool name and he is extreamly fussy with names.

[Edited on 10/08/2007]
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