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what does your childrens names mean???? Rss

My daughters first name is Evie, the book that i have says it "is a form of Eve" (durr!) meaning LIFE, And her middle name is Sage, in my book this means Wise!
I hadn't really look at the meanings before we named her, but i think they have great meanings,
We picked these names because we wanted something different.......

SaM, EviE NoV 03 AnD TuLLy AuG 05

MY SON is RAIDEN (ray den) MYTHOLOGY(japanese) meaning " THUNDER AND LIGHTNING

MY DAUGHTER is ELEXUS (people still spell it alexis by accident)( another version of alexandra apparently) its GREEK and means DEFENDER
Cody means cushion & Nate doesn't mean anything!?! Clearly I don't care about meanings! wink Plus it was hard enough to pick names I loved without worrying about the meanings too! grin

My sons name is Taiden. I made it up from putting mine and his fathers name together but changing the spelling to suit. Anita - Dan... tadan changed to Taiden. Unusual way to pick a name I know, but it worked for me, it suits my lil man very well smile
So his name has no meaning other than he is part mummy part daddy lol.
DS means "Gods Spear", but that had nothing to do with why we chose it.

Eva Jean.

Eva is her great grandmothers name. Jean is from Norma Jean (Marilyn Monroe) and means strong.
Isla means "from the strong place" or "light-bearer". Her middle name "May" was chosen for a few reasons. Firstly DF and I were both born in May, We found out we were pregnant in May, My names April (April, May) and It's SIL's middle name.

First we had Each Other, Then we had You, Now we have Everything

My DD's name is Isabeau. It's an old French name - a variant of Isabel - and it means 'god's promise'

My daughters are Ella and Arden

Ella means 'Beautiful fairy maiden'
Arden means 'eager and passionate'

DS#1 Timothy = Means to Honour God
DS#2 Benjamin = Means the right hand of God
DD#1 Emily = Means Eager, Ambitious

My son is Hamish Adrian William... big mouth full but family tradition to use grandfathers and great grandfathers names as middle names for first born son. Hamish means usurper or he who overthrows, Adrian means Manly, Brave and in some translations black. William means strong protector. We didnt choose his first name for its meaning but we laughed about it, saying our little one was going to overthrow mummies love for daddy... hehehe.

my daughters name is EILISH

Eilís f
Pronounciation: EYE-leesh, EYE-lish
Other Spellings: Eilis', AY-lish, Ailish, Ayelish
Meaning in English: Eilish 'God has sworn'


Peronounced: see-EN-ah
Other Spellings: Sienna
From the name of the city in Italy. Use of the name has perhaps been influenced by the word sienna, meaning "orange-red", which was itself derived from the name of the city (because of the colour of the soil there)

My 13yr old son name is Cory. Means the chosen one.
Cory Aaron James.both middle names after his dad & James been in father. Family for decades.
My 11yr girl in heaven name is leeahrna means princess. Of peace.leeahnra
Leeahrna grace.was going to be called leeahrna Casey but because God took her called he leeahrna grace instead.
My 1yr son name is Casey. Means brave
Casey grant David. Grant after his dad. David after his dads, dad.Granddad

My last baby is Bubs in heaven 8.11.2011. Not sure what Bubs means but to me & family . To mummy bubs means everlasting love.
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