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Any suggestions on boys names starting with Q Lock Rss

Hi Huggies members,

My DH and I are stuck on names for boys starting with Q.
I cannot reveal the first name we have picked until after my sister has had hers as she tends to steal names but we need help with a boys middle name stating with Q
We have gone over a few. OK ALOT but we still can't find one we like any help is appreciated.


Sorry, only one I can think of, but I love it.
Without knowing the first name its hard to match one but heres a link for good ideas

Good Luck

Mikayla 1/2/05 Zachary 28/12/07

Layno- thanks for that I did forget to mention that we need to have an E in it too. As we all have E's in our middle names. Just another curve ball to deal with.

Mikaylasmum+1- Have used that site and about 10 others too. Can't reveal the first name for another month after my sister has had hers. My brother told her the name he liked to name his child when it was born so my sister liked it too and decided cause hers was here before his she used both names. It was a bit nasty and caused arguements too. Thanks anyway. Mikayla's a great name that is our oldest daughters name spelt that way too.

Hard initial! But these are a few I like:

Quilian (quil for short)
Quincy (is french for "fifth born child" which this would represent...)


not sure about this,because its a friends daughters name but said cameron:Qamryn
[Edited on 13/08/2007]
[Edited on 13/08/2007]

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14


Thanks ladies. Hubby has thought of Quinc. He liked it because of it being the 5th child. I'm still up for suggestions. Undecided.

I like Quincy, Quade and Quentin:)
I like Quentin.

Patrick 10/12/07 & Matthew 15/05/09

my nephews name is Quinlan
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