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Is it pretty? Lock Rss

Do you consider Amari or Imari to be a "pretty" girls name

Pronounced ah-mah-ree or ih-mah-ree.

I also like

Jemma (Jemima)

Sorry but no. It reminds me of curry.

So are you saying Jemma, as Jemima but without the i?????


I absolutely love the name Amari,it is a very pretty name!
I like Violet too

Friends of friends have a little girl called Amarli or Amarlee (not sure on her spelling) i find yours and these pretty girls names.
Good luck on deciding.


[Edited on 18/08/2007]

Mum of Kadie Rose, Taya Makaylee & Tianah Reubie

It's beautiful - and so different. A name she could really grow with too.


Hi there,

My DD's name is Charlotte Amari. I'd never heard it before and made it up from a combination of my Grandmothers' names (Amy and Marie).
I read on here somewhere recently that it's meaning is "Eternally Beautiful". I think that's gorgeous!

Leah, DD 24/05/05 DS 09/01/07 #3 due 26/06/10

I don't dislike the name, but I don't find it a really 'pretty' name either. I think it is more of a strong name.

Of you other names, I like Jemima, but not a fan of Jemma.
dont mind Amari dont like Jemima its too much like jemima puddleduck. Violet is sweet too

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Noooo.... Imari/Amari sounds like some Avon perfume. I like some Avon perfumes but not that one and Jemima reminds me of playschool. Sorry
Sorry I don't find the name pretty or feminine. Jemma is nice.

2 girls - 5 years, 2 years

I love it, but i'd say it A-mar-nee spelt Amarni
I LOVE Leni for a girl.

I wanted to call our daughter Lehni, but my husband didn't like it.
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