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hey everyone,

hubby and i are finding out the sex at our u/s next thursday. we sorta have settled on some ideas for boys names but are hoping for another lil girl.
we have finally come to agreeance on the name madeline, however any middle name suggested im not 100% convinced on.

the ones we have thought of are ivy and lilly.

we are after a kinda sweet sounding name that is short, i know of rose and grace and all those others but i dont want something that is common, yet not something that is too different.

Its prob asking too much but if anyone has any suggestions i would love to hear them!

thanks tonnes
what about Madeline Jaye, I love Jaye for a girl.

madeline grace
madeline jane

Elisabeth, 2yr old son and bubs due 17th june

I love the name lilly, and i also like Jasmine..
What about your name?


What about Eden?? That is my dd middle name and I love it.

Lily is gorgious and is very sweet!! I also have liked; Ava or Bella.


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