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Have you had your baby's name stolen too? Lock Rss

I made the mistake of telling only one person - an old good friend - who was pregnant, what I would name our next baby. Well her baby was born recently and.....she has used that very name!!! My husband and I were quite shocked as it is an unusual name, but didn't say anything to them as it wouldnt do any good, its been done. I was hurt as I had already told her that we had been thinking about this name for years!!
Frustratingly; we don't actually see her too often, but have the same circle of friends and do keep in touch.
I am now pregnant and her baby was born only recently. I am sure we will find another name, but I am finding it hard.


Shoit! That's a bit rude. I'm all for parents using a name they want but if she's never shown any interest in the name until you mentioned it then I class it as NAME STEALING ON PURPOSE.

My feelings are that if a friend/family name, who recently had a baby i.e last 2 years, name their child a name you wish to use that you should TELL them you are going to use it too.

What was the name, can I ask?
[Edited on 18/08/2007]

my SIL has had her latest name stolen. before either of us were even thinking of kids we both mentioned that we like the same name - Hailey. anyway when i got pregnant i had a chat with her and asked her how she would feel if i used that name..she was fine with it coz she had since changed her preference..she told me what it was and also had talked about it with her other friends...a couple months after i had our dd her friend also had a baby and stole her new name...she was so cut up about it..
i have told 1 person our name..and she is due before me and already has chosen the names they are using..apart from that i just run them by all you huggies mums and mums to be!! just to be safe!
just use it anyway

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I would use it anyway too. Let people know you had chosen the name long ago and that no other name feels right. Let's face it - when your bubs gets older you may have nothing at all to do with the other baby or its parents so don't let that bother you. Even if you do stay in touch with them, the kids will just figure out nicknames to differentiate each other.

It's a big world and no matter how unique the name is, it's likely someone else has already used it, so don't let that get in the way of making one of the most important choices you'll ever make!
Just use it anyway if you love it.
My best friend called her daugheter Alyssa, like mine, they are 6m apart and we have same circle of friends etc.

My hubby was 'in charge' of choosing our baby's name, and my friend had been always wanting to call her baby that if she had another girl.

No worries, they are very different Alyssa s!!!!!!

3 girls under 3

Hi Im just curious wht was the name? If you don't want to say that's cool.... but i am lookig for names too so I might steal it from you lol (sorry bad joke)

no seriously, i would still use it! And if anyone says oh that's the same name that so and so chose then say yeah i had told her thats the name we liked and funnily enough SHE USED IT GGGGRRRRR! So in actual fact she copied us!

I will keep the name quiet for now, as I am thinking maybe we should use it anyway too. But my husband feels that its "their's" now, and to choose another name - so am not sure yet what will happen. Its great to hear everyone's comments and experiences though - has really helped. I am considering whether to just ASK/TALK to my friend about whether she would mind me using the name I wonder what she would say.


was just having a quick look through and I just had to let you know that when pregnant with our 1st baby we had decided on 2 names 1 for a boy (which we used)and 1 for a girl which we were gonna use this time if HE was gonna be a SHE. we had told all of our family these names from the get go from bubba #1 when we fell with bubba #2 again we told ALL the family that if a girl her name WOULD BE jessica, my BIL went and got a puppy, A GIRL PUPPY, and yep you guessed it he used our baby name....

Lucky we having another boy, cause we really wanted to use that name


Hi, I don't think its right that people steal names. My BIL and SIL had two names picked out for their baby and didn't tell anyone what they were but I asked what the other name they had picked was and they said Sophie, I had Sophia on my hit list for my second daughter and still liked it if we had another girl.
But as soon as I found out I was pregnant with my twins- the first thing I said to my SIL is that I would not steal their name - which to me included using Sophia as it is so close. I said this as they mentioned that they would still probably use it on their second child if they have a girl.
I thought I was being polite as if it was the other way around I would hope they would do the same to me.

If you still like the name and can't think of any other names that would suit your baby better then I would still use it. Perhaps you might be able to change the spelling so it is different?
Good luck.

How time flies!!

Gee, that's a bit rough!

My sister in-law is due in December, and I'm due in April - right before she found out the sex of her bub she told me that if it was a boy she would name him Lachlan Jack - the EXACT same name that we have had chosen for EVER if WE have a boy! It was weird because i had never even told her!!!

Thankfully she is having a girl.

Isabella 27/4/06 & Nicola 9/4/08

Hi, I'm due in February, and if its a girl, my partner & l like my mother's name as first name, and his mother's name as middle name. After telling her I was pregnant, before I could say a word my sister said 'well you can't use'....' (mum's name) because I'm using it. She has been trying to get pregnant for the last 7 years and has lost the baby on a couple of occasions. They have even tried egg donation from another sister of mine, but that wasn't successful either. I feel bad for her that I got pregnant without trying, and it would be a kick in the face for her if we use mum's name, when she's had names picked for years (I didn't know until she said)
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