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Feeling alone Lock Rss

I have 10 weeks to go before I have my baby and I feel so alone as I am a single mum. I just wanted to talk to any mums out there.

J m Kerr

add me to your msn if u have it.....
[email protected]

im always up for a chat!!!
Hi, I have just had my second baby 14 weeks ago. I have no family close by and find it very lonely sometimes especially when my toddler is crying out for my attention and I am feeding bubs. I would love to chat to you. Contact me at [email protected]

Mum to Brandi nearly 3 and Baylin 14weeks.
Hi Janice

where in NZ are you from? i currently live in auckland, but stay in wellington quite often. Would b nice to chat.

what date is your baby due? have you thought of any names yet?


1yr old son

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