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  5. Hi, looking for spelling variations of Lillian or Lily (family name which we want to make a little different)

Hi, looking for spelling variations of Lillian or Lily (family name which we want to make a little different) Lock Rss

Hi, looking for spelling variations for Lily, Lillian or similar.

This is a family nick-name given to our baby to be's cousin years ago which we want to incorporate into the new bubs name somehow as a tribute to her, however, we're trying to think of somethinga little defferent to Lillian.

The baby also has a little cousin called Annie and if we can icorporate that it would make two little girls very happy.


we have a two year old that we named lillian, but as time has gone on, no one knows her name is lillian, she is enrolled everywhere and known as lilli. i must add she can even write her name now - 5 lines is a very easy name!!!
i'm not sure if this helps, but we love the name.
good luck with deciding, naming a baby is extremly hard!
Hi, my little girls name is Lily but years ago at kindy there was a little girl called Lilyanna which was sweet.


i like lilyanna. also you could do lily-anne or lilium

I love lilyanna...thats pretty..
If you like just Lily but want different spelling maybe Lilleigh, or Lillee, or Lillea. I know if a Liliana also which is pretty. Maybe Annaleigh - call Lily for short?
my best friend she named her daughter
i think its gorgeous.

I think Lilliana is cute

heya just a couple of different spellings for you.

A good way to pick up some unique spellings is to look at other names with different spellings and juggle around with thoughs.
eg: alisha + alyssa
kim + kym

hope this helped.

Hi there, my friend had a baby and called her Liliani Anne, what a coinkidink!! I love the name Liliani, I haven't heard it before
just spell it XLDK and say its said Lily but we wanted a different spelling! thats my opinion of nsmes being spelt in funny ways why make your childs life hard? I have a very unusual name and always have to spell and/or correct the pronuncation of it even my in laws cannot say it correctly. but I was born in another country in which it was not a common name to start with! give your child a break and stick with the "normal" spelling or have something over the top like apple moonbeam
[Edited on 01/09/2007]
[Edited on 01/09/2007]

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

How about Lilielle or Liliella? Just a couple i've heard before....
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