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Which one do you prefer? *UPDATE**URGENT* Lock Rss

i like Riley over the other names.

I like Jake as a nn for Jacob and Riley but spelt Reilly.

Cassie, mum to Hayley and Skye

Hi, out of the above names I like Riley, Jake, and Bryon only.

2 girls - 5 years, 2 years

I think Cooper is great! this is the name we have choosen if our 2nd child is a boy. Only 14 weeks to go!

Kris, QLD, Amber 2, Keira 1

Like I said before, I like all the names, esp Riley (as thats my DS), but I'm really stuck on Coooper at the moment, I just love the name. So my pick out of those four go like this:

I think Jason goes ok with them all, except Jack... Good luck picking the name!
I love Riley and Logan

Good luck with the count down, seven days not long smile
Cooper for sure!

Thank you smile

I enjoy reading your opinions/preferences.

Keep them coming!!

My husband and i are still not sure but you are indeed helping as family and friends arent aware of the names yet! Its going to be a surprise for them.

So we are relying on the huggies web forum..

When our little man arrives we will let you know what we call him.
I like all your names, but Riley is my favourite.

Maybe you'll be able to choose when he's born, you know how some babies just look like a Cooper, Jake or Riley?

Or just have a few more boys and you can use all the names! Hahaha only joking!!


My husband and i have knida made a final agreement.
The middle names are our grandfathers first name.

What do you think?

Old fashioned???

Should i go with "COOPER JASON" - middle name of husband
[Edited on 12/09/2007]
Cooper Jack sounds good
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