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Which one do you prefer? *UPDATE**URGENT* Lock Rss

I think cooper jack sounds the best, but if you can't choose only one g/fathers name without offending family i would choose cooper jason.

another idea...pick one of your other names as a middle name, cooper riley williams sounds cool!

good luck choosing!
I know its to late now but i think cooper jason williams flows really well my first son's middle name is after his dad and i think secretly all dads want that no matter what they say

mum to 2 cuties

I really like Cooper Reginald Jack together. Would look lovely on "official" paper, and the long-winded bits can be chopped off for the rest of the time! But then I think i'm biased towards long names... my poor boy has 26 letters in his name!

Hey bek.. so you still stuck on cooper!!?? hehe

me too.. we even made the name out of wood and is on his wall already. Cooper Jae

I remeber a post ages ago with your tossing up and you pm too regarding names! What happened to Logan Williams?

Have you had your bub yet??

Good luck!!
Cooper Jack!!!!!!
Cooper Jack Reginald

Hi everyone

Thanks for all your suggestions.

Our little man came out and my husband and i straight away said "Cooper Jack" 9lb9oz 53cm long born 14/9 @ 12:27am

Thank you again for your help
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