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Is it just me or does this name sound morbid? Lock Rss


We find out what we are having in a week and genetically its a 99% chance were having a boy so im scouting boys names.

Anyway....i came across the name Mordecai in the end credits of a movie the other day and i like it but for some reason it sounds a bit dark and morbid, am i being weird or what?


It doesn't sound dark or morbid to me but it does sound like something for a fantasy book/movie.

Wouldn't be my pick but it isn't too bad

If I'm pronouncing it right, it sounds like "mortified" to me. It's diferent....certainly not one I would pick though sorry! smile
[Edited on 03/09/2007]

3 Gorgeous Girls!

I think it is a horrible name - remember the poor child will have to live with their name for a very long time. Sorry to be so blunt.

2 girls - 5 years, 2 years

Sounds like something from Lord of the Rings to me!
the only other place i have heard this name used is in the bible and Mordecai was a nasty evil to me yeah it sounds a bit dark..maybe not morbid!

If you and hubby like it then use it..ive heard many worse names then that so go for it!!

I love it.. i also love Malecai sickest names ever use it !!

Ky,Tristan 1year old

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