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Celebrity Name?? Lock Rss

Hey guys,,

Just after some input. I'm due to have a little boy in Dec and we have already decided on a name. Unfortunately it happens to be a celebrity name which has been in the media recently. When we were talking about names i didn't realise that it was a celebrity name until i saw an add on TV. Since then ive been doubting the name. The name is;

Owen Michel Wilson.

The middle name is after a close best friend of ours and i have always loved the name Owen. I didn't stop to consider his last name for a second, since my partner and I are not married i was just going about thinking he'd have my last name, OOOOpppppss... My bad... Then i put it together and realised.
I'm worried that people will think i have copied the name from the actor but this is certainly not the case.
It would be great to hear your thoughts.


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Just seeing if my new baby ticker appears when i post. Im not sure if i've done it correctly. Heres to hoping.

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Hmmmm,,, No luck can anyone help??

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From what you have created pick the sentence that looks like the above but without the * (had to put them in there otherwise it won't let me post it)

As for the name - I don't think it matters at all, we are probably going to call our baby boy after a famous person who isn't all that good either...I say if you LOVE it then its meant to be.

It doesn't matter about the name being the same as a celebrity (as long it's not Michael Jackson, etc.). I would choose your partner's surname though as a traditional rule. It seems more appropriate.

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to be honest i have no idea who owen wilson is and i read all those celeb mags were whats-her-name is sniffin' cocaine in the toilets of a club and such and such's mum is sleeping with thingo's ex. SO really chance are that because owen is pretty normal name (not like Shiloh or dannilynn for eg) people aren't going to notice the similarity nor care really.


By December, A new celebrity will be in the news and the Owen Wilson scandal will have disappeared...
i say go with the name.

Hi dont worry what people will think, I didnt ,my sons name is Owen and people used to say that I had named him after the english soccor player Michel Owen, which was not true, I was going to have his middle name as michel aswell after my great grandad but went with Charlie as I prefered that plus it was my other great grandads name.


wow I think thats really cool I have an Owen born last December as well, I love hearing that other people like the name too,ours is Owen John. I agree with other Mums, just go with your heart and try not to think about it too much. People will always make a connection to another Owen they know and give you opinions that you dont ask for! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and labour, I hope you stick with the names youve chosen!

If you like Owen Wilson go with it smile As long as you don't name a girl Paris Hilton or anything I don't think there will be much of a problem grin ... and when Owen is older, you can always tell him you named him after an actor (I was named after a TV show character tongue

I agree with baby having your surname, unless your partner feels otherwise - and if you were to get married you can always change names smile (My little one will have my surname, but only cos i'm not with the father).
i know what you mean about people just assuming you have chosen the name because of a celebrity our son is due in december too and we have picked out the name
Ashton but whenever we tell people they always refer to Ashton Kutchner who is married to Demi Moore although we do know who he is this is not the reason we picked it i have just always liked it but you do find your self defening the reasons why you have picked the name
but to be honest i couldnt really care less anymore thats the only name we can both agree on so thats what he will be called unless he comes out a she coz then we will have no names lol
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