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Girls name? Lock Rss

Im not sue what im having yet but boys names r too hard for me to pick so ill let u know what girls names i like.
If its a girl its going to be called:
Chelsea or Skye
What do ya think?
I love the name Chelsea not a huge fan of Skye.What will the middle name be as Chelsea Skye actually sounds very pretty together?

Middle name would be Kathryn-after my mums name
Hey Star,

mmm I like Chelsea not to sure about Skye.

For girls we have picked. Jasmine Charissa and Lillian Charissa

Anyway I have to go bubs is pulling the dvds out of the cupboard
hehe I just found one of your other posts on here, seems you like similar girl names.
I like the name Skye, not keen on chelsea!

Love Anna

Ella: 2 years Eden: 1 year

Hi Star

My hubby and I are really strtuggling with girls names.
I like both names though have a preference for Chelsea which my husband doesn't like.

We have had a boy's name picked out for as long as I can remember but girls nope.

I like Hannah or Reagan. He loves Isabelle or Isabella. I don't, reminds me of Neighbours ha ha.

My sister had Chelsea Rose picked out for years but when she was born she was named Samantha. I've heard heaps of stories like that though. A name picked out but when bub is born it becomes something different. I was meant to be Melanie but when dad went and did the paperwork I was Wendy. No idea where he got it from. Quite a funny story.

Good luck with choosing smile

I think Chelsea is a beautiful name.
I like Skye Kathryn over Chelsea Kathryn.
My dad spelt my middle name wrong!! I think these things are best left to females!!
My hubby can be a hopeless speller so any writing of names is my area!!
My little girl's name is Isabelle Betty Joan.. Betty and Joan are my two deceased grandmas who unfortunatley she never got to meet.
Hubby has dibs over next baby's middle names - they'll be after his grandparents either male or female.. Seems fair.
LOL! We must have similar taste, Chelsea and Skye were in my final 4 of names! (We named her Charla Skye - pronounced Sharla - and Star is my other daughters middle name.) I prefer Chelsea as a first name but Skye does go better with the middle name you picked. (Chelsea Skye is lovely, could you have 3 names? I know a friend who gave her girls 3 names...)

3 Gorgeous Girls!

Thanks ladies u have been sooooooooooooo helpful xo
I think i like Skye Kathryn Best. Not as Common i think

I was in the same situation in choosing names for our second child as we already had a daughter named Kimberley May named after my late grandmother which my daughter met before she passed away. What we did was write a list of both boys and girls names and then choose the name once they enter the world. Anyway we had another daughter and named her Elizabeth Jane.

Mum of 2 girls
Kimberley 21/10/05
Elizabeth 05/07/07


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