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Girls name? Lock Rss

Loving Chelsea - we had that on our short list but we went with Ruby as we were beaten to the post with Chelsea!! We also have Hannah Sofia 3 years and Ruby Eve is 3 months.
[Edited on 11/09/2007]
Hiya I like the name Skye Kathryn over Chelsea Kathryn... but either way they are both gorgeous.
I have had my mind set on Natalia Jade for a girl for the longest you can imagine... but let DP have a choice between that and Anya Lily. Natalia won out yay.
So glad I'm having a girl though as after naming DS Riley I couldn't think of anymore... eventually came up with Astin but no middle names.


On the weekend I noticed in the birth notices someone had chosen the exact same names for their children as we have.

Lily age 9
Violet age 9 weeks

My husband and I sure took it as a compliment smile

Mr Reed born 20/1/2010. Too cute smile

I like Chelsea, and Skye is okay too. Choosing names is so hard. But you will probably change your mind a few times before you're bub is born anyway.
When I was pregnant with my first, we thought for sure we were having a boy and couldn't decide between Joel and Reese. The footy was on while I was in labour, so we decided that if Port Adelaide won, then he would be Joel and if St Kilda won, he would be Reese. Then she came out a sweet little girl and we were stumped!!! She had 3 name changes in 24 hours before we finally decided on Shenae.
With my second, I had Jaya picked out until a couple of weeks before she was born, then I put an 'L' in there and came up with Jayla instead.
I think I had a list about 20 names long to start with though, before finally coming up with the ones we really liked.
Good luck!

Dirty Thirty this year! Bring it on!!

I agree that boys names are hard.
I love Chelsea but don't really like Skye.

Is Chelsea anything to do with the soccer team???

My little girl was called Meg.


I like Skye
hey there
i really like the name skye.. and skyla
chelsea is cute too but skye/la is my fave
definately.. as well as jayle and isabella and
lillyana (pronounced lillyarna)

I dont mind Skyla either but my DP doesnt! He is a real pain when it comes to names lol!
I prefer Chelsea over Skye.

I liked chelsea for our bub, but hubby doesnt like it! Hes a pain with names too!

Have you considered using BOTH names and still having your mums name too?
Like Chelsea Skye Kathryn __________ (your last name)?
Or Chelsea Kathryn Skye ___________?

We named our 1st daughter Olivia Tahi Filippa... Tahi is number 1 in Maori (hubbys Maori) and Filippa is in memory of my Nanna. We did it that way so that when we tell her off we say "Olivia Tahi!" so that my nannas name is not used negatively.
Our next bub (which is a girl) will have Rua as her 1st middle name because it means number 2 in Maori, then her 2nd middle name will be something meaningful i guess.

just a thought for you!
Thanks Jas but think i will just stick with Skye. My Dp Frriend just got a dog and called it Chelsea so im really over that name now. lol
Take Care x
when i was pregnant with my 2nd baby and if it was going to be a girl my partner picked skye, i like the name, but we had a boy.
Thats probably what will happen to us. lol
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