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Girls name? Lock Rss

we, sorry. I had Emashae Louise picked out since forever, but once we found out we were indeed having a bubba girl, we wrote out a shortlist together of names we liked, that chose one from that list - we ended up with eboni shae (pretty close to emashae) but for the next one i really like the names Skyla Mahri(as opposed to Skye) and Montana Rose, for the boy it will be Kody Scott or Corbyn Jak
I love the name Chelsea!! heehee and its good because I dont know any other bubs called Chelsea. Now we are stuck on a name for bub#2 if its a girl.
U should call her Chelsea. lol xo
I prefer Skye Kathryn!
You should start looking at boys names too though just incase have a great day hun xxx
I love the name Chelsea. It's my daughter's middle name. Sometimes I wish that I had named her Chelsea instead because it is so pretty.

2 girls - 5 years, 2 years

Hi hun! i think for a boy we might call him Dlyan. Every other name i say Sam hates it. lol
i love the name chelsea. its a pretty name for a girl. it sounds like a good choice.
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