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What does everyone think of the name JAMIESON??? Lock Rss


I would love some opinions on this name please, good or bad just want some feedback. Thinking of using Brett as the middle name.



WOOHOO I LOVE IT! Maybe spell it Jaymason if you want a unique twist..but i actually think this one works well with brett and your last name...well done smile


Yep, love it too! I knew a guy by that name.

Michelle- 3 boys-17,13 & 9 -2 girls-3 & 1

I really like it.

Elisabeth, 2yr old son and bubs due 17th june

I really like it. We are due in Feb and have Jamison picked out as a potential name. Are you looking to pronounce it Jay-mison, or jam-ison? My only dilemma with the name is a nick name. If we call him Jamison, Jammy sounds stupid!! but if its Jamieson we could call him Jamie. I like the sound of Jamison but not the nickname, we would call him sonny instead!!!NOT! Good luck. Another name is bit like Jamieson is Emmerson, just a thought.

We would spell it Jamieson and pronounce it Jam-ison, if that makes sense???

Im not too fussed about nicknames... Our DS is Izaak and i know someday he will get Zak for short but that wasnt our intention so are hoping if we inforce Izaak, no-one else will call him Zak...

Nicknames for Jamieson are hard, but im not fussed if he doesnt have one coz i really like the name as a whole.

Goodluck with it all, thankyou for the feedabck smile

WOW this is really weird!!
My mayden name is Jamieson and if i am to have another boy we are naming him Jamieson so to have a link back to my family.
He will just get Jamie for short

let us know what you decide

Hamish & Harrison "together forever"

Ive always loved Jamieson.........
I like the name is sounds strong. If i were to name my son Jamieson my dad for sure would call him Scotch, as in jamieson scotch

Hi Everyone,

Little donkey - heheheheh... its funny you say that as thats where i orignally picked the name up from, jamieson scotch whiskey! Until i heard a few pple with little boys named Jamieson.

Thanks everyone for your help, im pretty sure if this bub is a boy he will be Jamieson smile


My first thought was whisky too.. But i love it as a name, and think you should go for it, no matter what people will always think of something to shorten it to. DP name is James and yet most of his family call him Jim!!

michelle DS1 9/1/06, DS2 15/10/07

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