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Baby Names


Middle Names? Lock

Hi Everyone Just thought some of you might have some ideas of what middle names go with Eboni (f...

8 replies

kdx... hmmm, this is a hard one! short/1-syllable names seem too short, but longer ones seem too long!!! how many syllables is yo...


cant find a girls name Lock

We cant seem to agree on a girls name HELP!!! this is what we have picked out so far tell me your...

17 replies

We have Trinity on our short list for girls names, but I like a couple of others too. Have no idea for a boys name!!


What do you think of... Lock

Hello everybody, Has anyone any opinions on the name Tara Meg? I chose Meg as it's my nana's n...

4 replies

I think its a beautiful name and even better because it means something special to you and your family. Tara Margaret doesn't roll o...


Un-common baby names starting with 'A'? Lock

Hi... I am expecting my first baby on the 26th of December. - My partner doesnt really mind what ...

25 replies

my stepsisters name is Amalia pronounced - AM-ah-Lee-ah


What do you think? Lock

What is everyone's opinion ? When we had our second child ( a boy) we had decided that would be i...

3 replies

hi there i thought i was having a baby boy andi had 3 names picked out , hayden , kaleb or jacob-luke sorry if i am not of much help...


Help Please Lock

I thought my partner and I had finally decided on names for our baby, we had decided on Tyler Joh...

5 replies

True, I think it is always nicer to have that name organized, our first one we new we were having a girl and had her name all organi...


Name to go with... Lock

Hi, our first son is named named Jai David and now we have just found out baby 2 is on the way......

2 replies

how do you pronounce "Jai" ??


Help!!!!! Lock

What do you all think of the name Nate for a boy we are having a lot of trouble with boy names an...

3 replies

Hi guys, I like Nate Tyler out of all those. Just my opnion


What do you think of the name.... Lock

Hi all, I came up with the name Bronson for a boy and my partner really likes it? What does anyo...

13 replies

Thanks for your help with those names. My partner is still in love with the name Bronson and is adamant it's Bronson if it's a boy....


Opinions & sugggestions please. Lock

Hi everyone, Hubby & i are thinking of Trinity as a girls name. He loves it and i like it too bu...

7 replies

I absolutely love the name Trinity, I wanted to call my second Trinity if he was a girl, i considered it for my 3rd even tho i was ...



Hi does anyone know any short baby names?? like 3-4 letters...for either boy or girl

10 replies

My two sons are Ian and George, both short and sweet. My husband is Thomas, sometimes called Tom. I quite like Jewel, Grace, Val fo...


What to do????? Lock

hi everyone, well, i have a BIG dilemma. i am due to have a baby in feb 2005 and hubby and i ha...

19 replies

well you are in a situation! i was in the same one but on the other side i loved the name tyrell and my partner hated it and said it...


Opinions needed!!!!! Lock

We love the name Lexi ,but we have some concerns when she gets older, is it too cute for an adult...

9 replies

Thanks everyone for your help.We have decided to go with Lexi ( if it's a girl).With the first two the names came easily and this ti...


hubby wants to name after birth... Lock

this is my second child, but my husbands first and i'm not sure what to feel about naming our bab...

6 replies

thanx for your stories. As the date is only 2 1/2 weeks away i'm relaxing more and just being excited that he'll b here soon. We'll ...


Please help me! Lock

Just wondering if you guys could choose your favourite from these two girls names? Thanks in adva...

13 replies

Shayla Rose is lovely !! I have a six month old called Alyssa Rose and everybody loves it!


Owen? Lock

Opinions on "Owen" please! Do you like it or hate it? My husband really liked "Bowen" (he lik...

3 replies

I really like Owen as a name, not too sure of Bowen thou, I prefer Rowan... Unless you are going to call your son "OJ" as a nickname...


Just wondering what others think?????? Lock

Hi everyone i was just wondering what other people think on some baby names i have choosen? I hat...

8 replies

Hi, I love Rhylee ... great spelling! and not quite as common as the others. Good luck with everything!

a daddy that wanted the baby Lock

i am so sorry hun just added you to my msn hope to chat soon

4 replies

Hi laura Im 22 and my son is 2 and ahalf yrs old, i live at home with my mum, im studying counselling from home and i have nothing f...

Chocolateloving mum

Meaning of Eireamhoin or Lestat Lock

I am wondering does anyone know what the name Eireamhoin means or where it goes from. My eldest d...

5 replies

it doesnt need to be spelt how its been spelt for 100's of years.. tell her to make her own spelling of it... my daughters name is ...


Spelling of......and middle name for...... Lock

hi hubby and i have FINALLY agreed on a boys name but now ive come to another road block LOL. ...

4 replies

xzavyieer lucas or xzavyieer jaxxson


Meaning of Name Samaire Lock

Hi, I really like the name Samaire ( Anna on the OC) does anyone know what the meaning of this na...

6 replies

Hi All, Many thanks for your help. Its all very much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers Dawn


Names to go with Lock

well my name is jacqui my husbands name is michael our 11 month old daughters name is makayla jan...

8 replies

hi jacqui! i just found some more boys names that are similar to "michael". i wonder if you like any of these and if your husband w...


fo those of you looking for a boy name... Lock

i saw a nice name yesterday that i had not heard b4 it was Bryson

New no replies

Boys names help Lock

hi hubby and i have agreed on a girls name but we can not agree on a boys name. hubby wants to...

8 replies

hi ren! you wouldn't watch "queer eye" would you?.... (i love the name kyan myself!)

Coming Up With Names?? Lock

My partner has decided on first names Seth for a boy and Violet for a girl and i am choosing midd...

2 replies

thank you so much that was more helpful than you can imagine


boys names Lock

hi, i am expecting a boy in december. opinions would be greatly appreciated on the following nam...

38 replies

saw bryson today it looked & sounds nice


Suggestions Lock

I am due to have my first child in June, however this will be my partners 4th, he has 3 girls alr...

4 replies

i saw a nice boy name today bryson, had not seen it b4


Nature Names Lock

Hi everyone I was just wondering what you all think of 'nature names'. You know the ones I mean....

5 replies

Flint! Scout Gunner/Gunnar Sheridan River Sawyer Sailor Aïsha Alice Alishia Allegra Alma Amanda Andromeda Angel Angel...


french boys names needed and opions Lock

me and my partner pierre and me Natalie-Rose are both french but i come from n.z origanly and Pi...

8 replies

Hi Natalie A French name i know of is Ramon its french for raymond but im not sure what the meanning of it is happy to help Angel


FLUTTAH-BYE ~~~~D'ARTAGNAN means~~~~ Lock

after reading fluttah-byes message that she hasnt found the meaning of her sons name i decided to...

25 replies

just got back from antenatal class. they midwife/instructor said that the people whos bust does not increase have the most trouble f...

patner raymond wants son raymond!! any suggestions how to talk him out of it?????? Lock

my partner and i have had a very unexpected pregnancy and 1 of the tings that came more unexpecte...

5 replies

don't argue too much just yet, you've got months to work on him. Mine changed his mind totally by the end of the pg - he ended up su...

"A Boy Name" Lock

My partner and I can not deside on a boys name and I found the name " Markhan". I was just wanti...

5 replies

i think that name is so cute we are having a boy in 2 weeks and we have got 3 names kayne, jake and jayden nothing to boring. but no...


Middle Names Lock

Hi , having trouble picking out names, but two girls we have actually agreed on are Ella or Lexi ...

4 replies

Thanks for everyones suggestions and inputs it all helps. Once we get a girls name sorted we will have to work on a boys name!!!


Help ? Any Suggestions ? Lock

Hi Everyone I have a bit of a dilema... My hubby and i are always trying to think of a suitabl...

3 replies

I like Sydney and Tyler from your list. Other suggestions are : Isla, Ryleigh, Imogen or Reagen for girls and Callen, Colten/Coleton...


what do you think? Lock

Hi, hubby and I are Trying to conceive at the moment for bub two...we are thinking of names alrea...

3 replies

I do like Zalia, What about Azura. Ren, : )


Cuba?????? Lock

hi i posted earlier about hubby and disagreeing on the name Cougar. anyway last night, i said...

2 replies

i think cuba is better than cougar!

Mel n Jay

Any other mums with little boys named Jayden ?? Lock

Hi Jayden mums Let us share and boast about how the name Jayden is such a beautiful little boys n...

3 replies

i really like that name but at the same time it makes me think of that poor baby jayden leskie who was so brutally murdered

Mel n Jay

Middle name or not ? Lock

My Husband and I couldnt decide whether or not to give our little son Jayden a middle name. It d...

13 replies

HI Melinda, What I think runs well with Jayden... Scott. As you have said,you aren't going to give him a middle name, it doesn't...


Baby name etiquette Lock

HI I am due with my first baby 06.11.04. my partner and I had decided on a lovely girls name Am...

1 reply

hi Filomina. this has just happened to a friend of mine. Her and her hubby picked out Cooper for a boy, they only told a couple of p...


Girls names Lock

I'm due to have my first baby on 6th Nov. I'm having a girl and am really stuck for a name. I lik...

24 replies

Hi Jenni-lea I'm due for my third baby on October the 27th. Its a girl and my husband and I are having the same problem with the na...