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Baby Names


Baby Boy Name Lock

Hi everyone, hubby & I pretty much decided on the name for our little boy, due in November, e...

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what do you think of the name kaos? Lock

My partner and I are expecting a boy..just wondering what anyone thinks of the name Kaos for a bo...

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i know this is old and all the people dislike it but the only people ever teased in school about their names that i know of or seen ...


Sebastian or Jasper Lock

Hi, I’m due in a week and my husband and I still can’t decide on our baby boy’s name. We are toss...

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Can only think of one name? Lock

I'm 30 weeks, expecting a boy, and can still only come up with one name that my husband like...

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defferent spellings of Lincoln?? Lock

do u reckon i could spell it Llincoln? or wont it work?lol do u hav ne suggestions of diff ways i...

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Lloyd has two ll's because it's a Welsh name derived from the adjective llwyd meaning grey. Is Welsh "ll" is a s...


HELP! Baby girl name Piper or Coco Lock

Can’t decided between these two names! We named our four week old Coco (not short for anything), ...

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She does, it’s Coco Theodora. I hate to say it but her name just doesn’t sit right with me still I feel like people judge me when I...


Help! Struggling to narrow down our last 4 baby girl names :) Lock

Hello Huggies crew! We are looking for some opinions on our top 4 name choices for our baby girl...

3 replies

Penelope is super cute!


Pronouncing Names Lock

Me and my husband both like the name Kera pronounced kEHra like with the E as Eh like in Jenn, no...

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Ezekiel or Ezra? Lock

Hi everyone, We are expecting a baby boy in March next year. we are tossing up between Ezekiel a...

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I love the name Ezra, it is my favorite and I want my future son to be Ezra but hubby isn't so impressed with it. I don't ...


Name suggestions Lock

My wife and I are expecting our 4th child in October! We already have a Heavyn Neveah, Skyler Bry...

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I like different names too. I think the name is nice but honestly the spelling is terrible. Different name, correct spelling or trad...


Enid or Elira......cant decide Lock

Having trouble deciding on a girls name. Enid Marlowe or Elira Grace Opinions please

2 replies

Enid is lovely. Classix


Traditional but less common boy names that end in y or ie Lock

Hi all, I like traditional names but hubby doesn't so his list includes Hunter and Carter an...

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Top 3 feedback Lock

Hi guys, I'm 6 months pregnant with our first, a girl. Just looking for general feedback on ...

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Hello, Gabrielle! I think that Macy Marguerite sounds great. It's a good choice.


Audrey Mae or Hannah Rose Lock

Hello everyone! I'm new one here. I am expecting my 6th and last child! It's a girl and...

2 replies

Hannah Rose <3


The HUGE name dilema! Lock

My partner and I are on completely different wave lengths when it comes to naming our little girl...

2 replies

We narrowed it down to two names and the ran a facebook poll to vote. Lol


Middle names for Madison? Lock

Hubby and I have decided on Madison for our baby girl. I would love help on which out of these ...

1 reply

Madison Hendrix Rain is my favorite out of your list. Here are some suggestions I came up with... Madison Layla Faye Madison Amara ...


Husband changed mind ???? Lock

So we are 2 weeks out and we had decided on a name and hubby even said to get wooden name made up...

1 reply

What is the name? Are you open to changing it? Maybe look for names similar but different.


The Royals have ruined my baby names! Lock

Hi, I have a one year old named Meg and am expecting another baby. The other girl name I have cho...

1 reply

I’m guessing you like short names so here are a list of cute ones! Blair Ava Cora Eve Lark Liv Rain Reece Reeve Vera Zoe


2nd daughter Lock

Hi. Looking for some help with a girls name to go with Patricia as a middle name. Was thinking so...

1 reply

Mallory Patricia Marlow Patricia Hailey Patricia Melanie Patricia Emmeline Patricia Daphne Patricia Maisie Patricia Hadley Pat...


Create a unique name Lock

Hello everyone, I've been working on a website to help expectant moms create new names, htt...

1 reply

I made some big improvements to site, Now, you can favorite a name you like (by clicking the heart). The ...


Pronunciation of my sons name Lock

Wanted opinions to see how people would pronounce the name Leland?

2 replies

That's how I would pronounce it also. How did you choose that name?


The most unusual, noble, and beautiful baby names Lock

Hello to all future parents, my name is Cornelia and I am the proud mother of two wonderful gir...

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Help! Boy names!! Lock

We need ideas on boys names! We always seem to struggle with them!!! We already have 2 boys and h...

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Not sure which date you're due but if bubba is still cooking in the oven and you haven't chosen a name.. Alexander! But i...


Roxie Savage?? Lock

My husband and I both love the name Roxie but our surname is Savage. We have had some not so posi...

3 replies

Hey Nikki! The name is very cute, as for me. But the surname is a bit out of the line, I suppose. Try thinking of a different surnam...


Is calling our baby this cruel? Lock

Hi everyone. So I am due to have my first baby girl in 8 weeks - its taken my partner & I th...

2 replies

I agree with the comment above. Thea is a beautiful name! I wouldn't get to bogged down with worrying about bullying from othe...


Baby names Lock

Its true, Many time It is very confusing when you have so many choices and you have to choose the...

1 reply

I must say, that is a very different name. But beautiful none the less. I do honestly like it. Annoying people keep asking you about...


Eliza Josephine? Lock

Wondering what people think of the name Eliza Josephine Henderson? My main concerns are: 1) The...

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Baby name help Lock

Our second princess is due to be born in 3 weeks and we haven't decided on a name! There ar...

2 replies

Sheryl, Avis, Olivia,Alexis


Holly or Hollie? Lock

When I look up what people think on these spellings I end up finding Americans who tend to think ...

3 replies

Vote for Holly))


Anyone else like Boys names for girls? Lock

I'm liking boys names for girls, last names for first names or words or 'non-names'...

3 replies

how russian name? Alexander-Alexanda or Eugene - Eugenia?


Stones/Gemstone Names Lock

Can everyone give me a few gemstone or precious stone names, my SIL is pregnant and loves these k...

9 replies

i like the name Ruby, how Rubin


Name regret :-( Lock

Hi everyone, I need help, advice, support. My DD is 1yo and everything is perfect...except her na...

2 replies

Hello, I think your daughters name is beautiful. I agree with the above comment. Just change the spelling to how its pronounced on ...


What do you think of Chip for a boy? Lock

Hi we are expecting a little boy next year and wanted something different. My hubby is worried ab...

2 replies

Congrats! Chip sounds more like an American name I think. i think its cute as a nickname here, but I always say have a few options, ...


Sister for Poppy (Phillipa) Lock

Hi All I am 22 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby girl and am struggling for name ideas. My eldest ...

1 reply

Hi, congrats on your pregnancy Poppy is a cute nickname. I like Lexi as a nickname for Alexis or Alexandra. Good luck finding a name!


what do u think of the name LEILANI Lock

helllooo every1. juss wsnted ur opinions on the name : LeiLani!! i really like it

7 replies

My daughter's name is Leilahni-Rayne.


Girls name to go with.... Lock

Hi I have found out I'm pregnant with 5th Bub. We won't find out the gender of Bub and ...

3 replies

I love Alaska! How about Ariya, Aurora, Luna, Koda, Chynna, Deja, Tiara, Alinta, Sahara, Dakota, Norah, Saylor, Cierra, ....I shou...


Calling all name experts... Lock

My little girl is called Lotus, im 20wks pregnant...we have a boy name sussed, any name ideas for...

1 reply

I love Lotus! It's on my list for middle names. Are you wanting a theme or pattern? For example, flowers or nature, like Lotus?...


Makenzie rae ?? Lock

Hi i Need help with deciding on middle names for our 3rd babygirl First name Makenzie Middle n...

6 replies

My girls are Fijian, they have extra long names! Safahri-Jade Vilìame Naulumatua Bitu and Leilahni-Rayne Kinita Naulumatua Bitu. Wh...


In need of a unique Baby Girl Name Lock

Hi All I'm due to have my 4th Child in a couple of weeks and I'm struggling to pick out...

5 replies

Wow loving these unique names!! Sorry I don't have suggestions, but I will add my vote that I love Zaiahna-Leah... hope you get...


Help! Lock

Need ideas for our 2nd baby boy. Names we have thrown around include Oscar, Cohen, Dexter, Feli...

4 replies

Sometimes, bubs doesn't look like the name you've picked for him. I quite like Felix and Asher as names, but I like to tr...