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Baby Names


Losa likes Naomi, Caleb or Salome. What do you think? Lock

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favour...

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Name ideas please Lock

I'm pregnant again and am stuck on name ideas that hubby and I both agree on. We have a 10...

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I wish I could help.... I'm in the same situation as you with boy #2. My first is Harvey Lee. Hubby & I can't agree o...


Girls name to go with Ben Lock

Hi. We are expecting a girl early next year and have a son called Ben. Our surname is five syllab...

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Luky dukky

Opinions?? Lock

Opinion on the name khan for a baby boy? DH really likes it.... But I'm not 100% would love...

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Search on google and i am sure you will get lot of names and you only need to choose one.


Fernando likes Sara, Aadarshini. What do you think? Lock

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favour...

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What time is the match? Lock

Liverpool vsa Adelaide United live stream Richmond Kickers vs West Brom live stream

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Wanting to change babys name at 6wks old Lock

We would like to change our babys name but I'm anxious about peoples reaction. We never had ...

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Just be cautious of the birth registration time frame, I'm not sure about NZ but in Australia you must register the child'...


Is this the right name? How did you pick? Lock

Boyfriend and I found out that we're expecting a little baby boy! I've always wanted k...

6 replies

I have a 25 years old friend called Toby and it doesn't sound childish at all. Stick to your name.


Twin number 2 has no name! Lock

Hi all, I am due with twin boys in August and still have no name for one of my babies. We love ...

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Congratulations! We had twins and we struggled to think of two boys names as well but we had a boy and girl so we only needed one! I...


need help with baby girl name Lock

My partner and i are having trouble coming up with a girls name for our 2nd child we are wanting ...

3 replies

Shanaya is pretty, Evie is pretty too or maybe Ivy.


Need a boys name!!! Help!! Lock

So we are expecting our second child in early October, we don't know the gender yet but we l...

17 replies

My son is Tyson Levi. I wanted to name him Levi for his first name but my partner didnt like it too much so he got it as his middle ...

Mama love

Thoughts? Lock

Finding it hard to find boys and girls names but so far we have- Boy - Cruz Lenny Girl - Milla (...

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Middle name for Cleo Lock

So we are a bit stuck on a middle name for Cleo... Last name starts with S, one syllable. So far...

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Scarlett definatly. Goes nicely. Pretty name


Popularity of Chloe... Lock

So we keep going back to Chloe for a name choice for our daughter due soon. Only its been in the ...

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I think Chloe is a lovely name, and off the top of my head I can't think of any young ones I know named Chloe


Would love your opinion ..... Lock

So ... turns out that picking a name second time around is much harder!! think we used up the on...

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It's a fine name for a boy, a proper name that isn't overused. Those who don't like it will deal with it. It certain...


Kate likes Charlotte, Amelia or Lachlan. What do you think? Lock

[img] I've searched through Huggies' Baby Name...

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I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favourites. But I need your help to choos...

lil miss sunshine

need help with naming number 8 Lock

Run out of ideas lol does anyone have some suggestions boys and girls names please? Our other chi...

2 replies

Levi Eli Nate Hannah Eden Macie

AJ- Mumma 2

Options on Amanda vs Mandy Lock

So I'll be honest its not for a baby. My name is Amanda and I've always been Amanda or ...

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To be honest I don't like the name Amanda simply because if one Friend I use to have in school and she turned out to be a compl...


My shortlist Lock

We are due in 2 weeks and I'd love some anonymous and independent feedback on our top 3 name...

4 replies

Out if those ones I like the best Jethro and I absolutely love aurora


Love it, but don't think it works with last name.... Lock

Hi! My husband and I love the name Scarlett, but don't think it will go with our last name....

5 replies

I like Scarlett but it doesn't go well with your last name.


Girl name suggestions Lock

Hi, We are pregnant with our second girl and need some name ideas. We already have Connor Logan a...

4 replies

It's ok to be picky it's your child lol boys names are easier to pick then girls not sure if you like these but I have a f...

Mel-mummy to georgia and bub to be

have 2 girls and expecting again... Lock

Hi my name is Mel and I have 2 daughters Georgia Nicole and April Louise..we have a long 4 sylabb...

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No I don't think it matters if 2 of your kids have names starting with the same letter. My sister's 2 daughters both have...


Help us complete our family of four! Lock

Have chosen Elijah (Eli) & Noah for definite names but can't for the life of us think of...

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Help for baby girl names ???? Lock


5 replies

either Charlotte or Georgia with rose as a middle name


Nawwwww and the royal princess has just been named......what a gorgeous name!!! Lock

Nawwww and a beautiful princess is named Charlotte, gorgeous name!!! What do you guys think? ht...

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Charlotte name is beautiful. And, the meaning of the name Charlotte is: Feminine manly.


What are the rules?? Lock

Please Help! Feeling between a rock and a hard place! Hubby and I picked our babies names long ag...

4 replies

If you really not feeling good to name your son with that same name, you can go for some other one. There are many sources available...


Help with middle names for my baby boy! Lock

Hi all, we've decided to name our new baby boy Tyson. I've always liked this name, but...

3 replies

Luke Levi Eli Jay Elliot


Baby boy due in 6 days - no idea what to call him! Lock

Hi all, we already have 2 daughters Hazel Elizabeth Georgiana Ivy and are expecting a boy due on...

2 replies

I like Roscoe A lot Hazel, Georgiana & Nathaniel (Nate) Willoughby (Will) Theodore (Theo) Augustus (Gus) Dominic (Nic) Leopo...


Finley for a girl Lock

Totally love the name Finley for a girl. Question is: Finley or Finlay? I want people to pronounc...

1 reply

I would spell it Finley or Finleigh


Need Help..!! Lock

Hey, I need some help with a middle name to go with Brax... Any ideas would be muchly appreciated..

1 reply

What about babys dads name? Or Levi Conner Marley


Drew - feminine or masculine name? Lock

The name Drew is said to be a unisex name and its most common meaning is manly, wise and brave B...

5 replies

I have a male cousin called Drew, so masculine to me.


HELP- baby boy names! Having baby this week Lock

Hi all, We are due to have our baby boy this week and are struggling with a name. We like names t...

4 replies

I like Arley among all the names, I also would like to suggest few: Ardsly Arty Arvy Archy Ardley Arny Ardsley


deleted Lock


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Levi or Brody ?? Lock

Pleeeeeeeaase help me! I am going crazy trying to find a name for our boy. I have narrowed it d...

5 replies

Levi brody definitely


Help! Levi or Ethan? Lock

Hi I would love some opinions on our final two names. I can't decide which one I like best...

5 replies

It's such a subjective thing, isn't it I prefer Ethan Levi but the alternative is good as well. Good luck making a decision.


Girls name to go with Joshua Lock

Hi, My son's name is Joshua. We are expecting a girl and having a lot of trouble settling on...

2 replies

Some names I like and think go with Joshua: Amelia 'Milly' Abigail 'Abby' Olivia 'Liv/Livy' Sophie...


"Stolen" baby name Lock

I use the word "stolen" very loosely as no one owns a name however this is my dilemma. ...

8 replies

Don't know how to start this so will start with use the name. As the others have mentioned people come and go, and do you real...


Percy- thoughts?? Lock

We are expecting a little man in June. We already have a princess Charlotte Ava and really like ...

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I'm going to be honest and admit that the first thing that came to mind is the engine on Thomas the Tank Engine! As RS said, pr...


A possible brother for Bronson Lock

Hi I'm after some name suggestions for a boys name. I already have a son named Bronson and a...

3 replies

I like Riley, Eli, Isaiah, and Xavier


Baby boys names? Lock

What are some non-overused boys names that aren't too outrageously different or unusual? My ...

14 replies

My daughter has a little friend at day care named Carter - I find it a quite nice name, both as a child and later as an adult