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What Month Is Your Baby Due?


Huggies Pregnancy and Birth Information

Our Pregnancy and Birth section provides you with some great information about what to expect dur...

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I have found this section an excellent help. This is my first pregnancy and I'm 25 weeks along. Counting down and learning about my ...

**Growing Baby Lampitt**

Due May 2016

Hi, I can't find a thread for Mums expecting in May 2016. I'm due on the 2nd May (aft...

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I hear you - it is very hard not to let your mind think of negative things... My Dr suggested a scan next week (I'll be about ...

loo lou

Due April 2016

Hi Ladies!!! Anyone else out there due in April?? Im think I'm due around 12-04-2016

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Hi ladies, congratulations to you all xx I am 7 weeks today and apparently my due date is the 21st of April! I still haven't ye...


Due Jan 2016

hi guys Anyone know if there are any Due Jan 2016 facebook groups? might be a bit early.

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tootsie1001 wrote: i dont think i get the follow requests. here's my fb if you want to pm me. that would be the easiest way i t...


Melbourne Mummas Due in Jan, Feb, March 2016

Hi ladies, Are there any melbourne based mummas due early next year?

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February 2016 babies

Hi, just have had my BFP after 5 cycles, this will be number 2 for us, I place my due date at Feb...

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I can't work out how to follow!!! Can I do it through my iPhone or do I have to be on a computer???


Due November 2015

Hi Ladies, Thought id start a new group for November babies. I got a very faint BFP at 11 DPO. I...

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May I please be added too I am due 6th November with #2 (7 years after #1 haha)


March 2016 Babies

Due in March 2016 Babies !

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Hi there, Just had my dating scan today 9weeks 6days. I would love to be added to the fb group please.


Due December 2015

hi beautiful ladies, I know it's still really early days, but I've made a due December...

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Hi, just been looking for December 2015 groups and would love to join. I'm due with #3 Dec 21st. We will then have 3 under 3, n...


Babies Due March 2016

Any mummies due March 2016?? Would love to make form a wee group to make friends and create a sup...

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Hello! Yes I think I will be due end of March, I have been looking for a due in group through facebook for nz/aus. Do you know if th...


Due October 2015

This seems ridiculously early, but I just got a very early positive test, and according to my ovu...

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Hi ladies I'm due October 21st but pretty sure my baby is coming 2 weeks early or il be induced early because I have antibodies...


February 2015 due date babies

After TTC for over a year finally we got a BFP with an EDD 3 Feb 2015. Very excited. This will ...

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What is the group on Facebook? Can someone link it?


September / August 2015 babies?

Hey all, trying to find people who are due around the same time so we can chat and support one an...

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Hey! This is months late but I'm due early September ????


Any September 2015 mummas? I know it's early!

Currently pregnant for the first time, super excited! We are 4w+4d today and have an appointment ...

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I'm due at the end of august/start of September. I'd love to join the facebook group, but unsure how to?


Due October 2015

Hi are there any other mums out there due in October 2015?

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We are all on a Facebook page now so follow instructions from previous posts on how to join see ha there