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What Month Is Your Baby Due?


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Our Pregnancy and Birth section provides you with some great information about what to expect dur...

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I have found this section an excellent help. This is my first pregnancy and I'm 25 weeks along. Counting down and learning about my ...


Due October 2016

Hi I got my positive yesterday so exciting , I'm due 1st October. Anyone else due in October ?

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Hi Ladies, my name is Katrina. I'm pregnant with baby number 2. Due october 15. I would also like to join a fb group if one i...


March 2016 Babies

Due in March 2016 Babies !

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I'm due March 31st


Due July 2016

Has anyone else got their BFP for July yet?? I have my edd is July 6th

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Hi everyone - I am due late July with number 1. Tara can you (or someone who knows) please confirm what your profile pic is now. T...


Due September 2016

Early days I know but anyone else just finding out they're pregnant?????? Have set up a Face...

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So I told my partner and it went well. Hes very supportive. Also went to the doctor today for my first antenatal check. Bloods tomor...


February 2016 babies

Hi, just have had my BFP after 5 cycles, this will be number 2 for us, I place my due date at Feb...

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I was removed too a while ago and never got added back.


Due 3rd August 2016

Hi there lovely ladies, I'm just wondering if there were any others out there due on the 3r...

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Due June 2016

Anyone due June 2016 ? i got my bloods back from the Nurse wed and she said i had the right hormo...

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Hey Kelsey6, Where abouts are you in NZ? I know how you feel, Im in Marlborough and it was so hot here today, still 28 outside at th...


Are you due in August 2016?

Share your journey with others here...

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Hope you all feel well

Mummy's Girls

Is there a May FB page happening?

Hi ladies, Is there a due May FB page happening? The May thread seems to be moving a little slow ...

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Stacy if you see this, could you please message any of us from Due in April we are super worried about you. x Nicky


Due April 2015

Hi ladies, anyone else due in April? I know its still early. I think I'm due around the 3rd ...

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Stacey if you read this us ladies on Facebook are worried can u please contact one of us xxx


Due June Secret Harbour / Mandurah area

Hi, Is anyone else expecting baby in June that live around the Secret Harbour area? I've just m...

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How do we get on to the fb group? I'm due June 12th ?? Also Perth.


First time mums due June/July/August

Hi just wanted to see if there are any other first time mums due June/July/August. Im due end Ju...

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Due December 2015

hi beautiful ladies, I know it's still really early days, but I've made a due December...

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Hi, Is the group on Facebook still active? Would love to join if it is. I had a wee bit on December 15th ????

**Growing Baby Lampitt**

Due May 2016

Hi, I can't find a thread for Mums expecting in May 2016. I'm due on the 2nd May (aft...

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Hi Everyone - better late than never! I'm due around 20th May - I have added you Lani on FB, hoping to join your group.