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is anyone due in september?????????

noone around me is pregnant anymore all have had their lil' ones .........

wanting someone to share the feelings see if i am going through the same........

Due on September 15th
I had my baby in August. I know a few people who had babies in September.

Di, vic, Jai born 17/8/04

im due sept 2005 on the 13th are you due the same time

mum to 3

Hi there!

I am due on the 8th of September. First Baby. At first they said late August but I had an ultrasound and they gave me a more accurate due date. I had a miscarriage last year so I am really nervous about this one.

Hope to chat to more mums soon!

Lisa, VIC,

Hi, I am due on the 1st 2nd baby, my other son Jai is 1. If any mums wanna chat about our pregnancies or whatever my msn address is [email protected] or email is the same.

Hope to chat to some of you soon, good to hear from others going through the same thing at the same time!

Mum to Jai and Chase!

hello all if any one want to add me to msn my addy is [email protected] i would love to chat to other mums due around the same time as me im due 13th sept 05

mum to 3

hi i am due with my third in early sept already have 2 girls 11.5 mths and 2.5 yrs

gail SA 4 girls 17months apart 1 set twins

hi i am a first time mum and i am due on the 13th of september and it does feel like everyone has all had their baby's around me also

tam vic due 13th september

I am Due 20th September. This is my first so its all really new to me too!

Ange, Jessica, Luke & Dean

HELLO, i'm due on the 21st september with my first bub. this whole experience for me is inconsistent in regards to symptoms and whats expected according to books. how is everyone else feeling?
I am not following the norm either... as far as the books go.

Everything is happening too soon but from talking to others bubs creates the environment that bubs needs and I guess bubs needs what bubs is doing to me.

Ange, Jessica, Luke & Dean

Hi..just found this post so I thought I'd add my bit.
I am due early September. According to my calculations I am 12 weeks this week. Morning sickness is all day sickness for me, but this time it was intense while it lasted, but I'm almost over it now. This is my third pregnancy. My first two girls are 12 months apart, and number 2 and 3 will be 15months apart. We are going to have about 8 months of 3 under 3. I am anticipating it is going to be very difficult, and I'm not sure how I'll cope. Number 3 was of course a surprise, and totally unexpected. We even tried the morning after pill, and it didn't work!!
I'm getting used to the idea now that I'm pregnant again though, and I'm sure I will love this baby just as much as I love my two little girls.
That's enough from me right now. Looking forward to hearing how everyone else is doing.
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